Saturday, March 1, 2014

the way we treat people shows a big part of who we really are

the way we treat people shows a big part of who we really are... 

 in our little town recently there have been two deaths  due to bullying.  a friend of mine who is a  mom of a high school student told me that just this week in a p.e. class at a local high school the following incident happened.  the p.e. class was playing dodge ball and teams were picked.  one team had a chubby boy on their team.  some boys on the other team decided that that boy would be their target.  they bombarded him with ball  throwing it  at him...yelling hit the fat kid!  the boy was hit so hard that he started to cry.  my friend's son was so upset with what had just took place that he went over to the hurt boy and helped him up.  he told him not to worry about what those other boys had said and done.  he then decided that every time he saw this boy in the hall or class that he would talk to him and be his friend.  i hope that more kids are BRAVE enough to stand up for these kids like Will me he is a hero!

tate's message...

 one of the things trav wrote in my journal that he gave me is " a true test of the person you really are, is how you treat those who can be of no possible service to you". i realized a lot of the time we don't realize that we are treating someone badly or that we could be treating someone better. i think about christ and how he treated everyone equally. no matter who they were, where they were from, or what they were like. so i hope we can be a little bit nicer and serve a little bit more to those around us. i think that is a thing i learned this week. is the way we treat people shows a big part of who we really are.

this week went by really really fast. sunday was a really good day and we actually had a meeting with president as usual and planned some things out for the week. sundays are usually pretty chill days spent in the office doing a lot of busy work getting ready for the week and stuff.

monday was a computer day for me. we had to do some special changes (move some missionaries to other sectors) but we didn't have a lot done on the power point and some other stuff so we did divisions and i stayed here in the office and practically spent the day glued to the computer. it wasn't that great of a time ... and we ended up getting pretty bored towards the end of the night and it started getting late. so we called the other elders who were out driving around and told them to go get some pizza cuz it was going to be a late night in the office... we finished up around 1 o clock and enjoyed some papa johns.

the next morning we woke up bright and early for the monthly meeting with the zone leaders in the mission home. it went really well and we learned a ton! 4 hours of tons of information and then a huge lunch....  but after that we just went to the house and took a nice two hour nap to get some energy back. then ended the night in the office.

wednesday was just another office day.

 thursday was a really cool day. we woke up and took a gorgeous ride to santa cruz to do divisions with elder rasband and elder hernandez. it turned out to be a really cool experience and we ended up teaching a less active member about reading the scriptures and how important it is. i really do love the scriptures. READ THEM DAILY! 

friday we were on the road again!! and we headed to the city furthest south in our mission...that was a long drive....and if you guys wanted to know i drove stick for the first time...starting on the interstate...pretty cool......until we got to a stop and pay thing and i killed it and my comp had to take over hahahhaha but hey at least i'm learning... the divisions down there were fun as well.. i went with elder cardona from bolivia...he is an amazing kid and treats all the people so well. friday night was one of the coolest nights in a while... my trainer (Elder) brother lowrey was in chile visiting some people and stopped by to say whats up. it was way cool to see him. by the way i really really want to come back to chile and visit asap after i get home.. . that would be the coolest thing ever. but i was happy to see him and think that he was my comp over a year and a half ago...crazy... 

 saturday, we woke up and headed straight to the farmers market to buy fresh fruit and veggies for the week. that is one thing i will miss like crazy!! and then we just went shopping at the grocery store, made lunch, took a nap, and then came to write you guys!! it was a good week! thanks for everything you do! love you all!! 

elder harding. 

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