Saturday, February 22, 2014

pray for the missionaries...if i see bradford i will cry!

pray for the missionaries...

as a missionary mom when i see missionaries on the side of the road walking i feel this little tug at my heart.  i know that their moms are missing them as much as i miss my missionary.  i always have a prayer in my heart for the many missionaries through out the world.  they are amazing and such an example to all of us.  we too can be missionaries by our example, by our willingness to share the truths that we know, by inviting the missionaries into our home to teach others.

tate's message...

 bradford gets to chile this week so i am excited for him! i love that kid. if i were to see him i think i would cry haha!! 

 friday  night we had a broadcast for our area from elder was such a good meeting. one thing that he really talked to us about was prayer... he said there is so many ways to work miracles and be good missionaries in this world... with technology its incredible...but he said there is definitely a more powerful way....prayer....if we would get on our knees and plead with our heavenly father for miracles and missionary experiences in our lives....THEY WILL HAPPEN. don't just pray for the missionaries to have success and to help people... pray to have your own personal experiences. pray to have opportunities to share. that is a true disciple of christ. that really touched me and made me want to make my prayers more meaningful and focused on others instead of just me.

sunday was another good day. just a chill day in the office planning some stuff as well as a meeting with president. that man inspires me ha... it is really actually pretty cool to have tons of meetings with him and to see how he takes care of stuff!

monday came around. we went to another city in the mission to do divisions with some zone leaders and it went really well..we had a really cool lesson. we were walking down the street and we noticed a man getting out of his car as he had just arrived at his home from work so we decided to talk to him. we started the conversation and then we asked him if we could offer a prayer inside his house for him. as he let us into his house he started opening up quite a bit to us and started telling us more and more about himself. and then at one point he told us "you know what, every time god tries to teach me something or give me something i need, he always gives me a feeling during the day. and earlier today i just had a feeling something was going to happen or i was going to find something new". we then explained a little bit of our message and testified that god had sent us to help him find that NEW thing. it was way cool! 

tuesday came around and it was also another day in the office. not much went down...

 wednesday was an awesome day...i did divisions with elder nelson, the kid i trained in buin, and we were in one of my old sectors...i got to see a ton of people from the branch there and it was way fun ha... so pretty cool and lucky day for me! we had a lot of success and a lot of fun. always fun to be able to go to an old sector with an old companion.

 thursday came around and we had another meeting with president to finish up the plans for a capacitation the next day and we also tried making pumpkin chocolate chip cookies but turns out chile doesn't have pumpkin in a we failed...

 friday started bright and early at the mission home where we taught like a group of 20 sister missionaries..... it was pretty fun but we were the only elders so definitely felt out of place. but the hermana made some mean i was happy about that....we ate cheesecake! which normally doesn't exist down here 

 saturday, today, was a fun day to start....we headed up to a place called coya! that place with the golf course and stuff up in the mountains. but we went even further and almost got to argentina haha... it was way cool.  on the way home we got a flat i guess that time we had to change one in yellowstone with trav and tyson and greg helped me out after all...good experience to have!

this next week should be a busy one! and then the next one an  area 70 comes so we are really excited.

but that is it for this week!! love you guys

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