Saturday, February 8, 2014

behind the scenes...

FYI  tate has been called to be an assistant to the mission president  and most likely will finish his mission serving at the mission home.

behind the scenes...

my favorite commercial lately is the one that depicts the olympic athletes as young children.  the moms and dads wake them up early to get them to practice.  they sacrifice things so that their child can train.  they watch them  again and get back up to go hard the next day.  all of this so that the athlete can live his or her dream to be an olympian.  we as viewers  get to see the outcome of all of the preparations.  it is the behind the scenes things that we don't always think about.

tate's message...

one thing i did learn this week is that in the mission there is always someone behind the scenes planning everything that goes on. and i was thinking it is just like that in life. god is always there with his plan, directing the scenes and hoping that we remember our part and fulfill our roles here on earth. obviously it is up to us if we want to do our part and fill our role, or if we want to do the opposite. but god never changes. his role is always the same. his plan is always the same. we should never expect god to change according to our plan, rather we should be constantly changing to live according to his plan. that is when we will find true happiness in this life. ...

so we decided to do internet early this week to be able to go to an all meat buffet that is  two hours away  but that is the perks of having a car now!  monday started normal with a pday and then i spent practically the whole day saying by to the people in the branch. also we ended the night with one last soccer game. i sent a pic home of me and a bunch of locals. so that was my saying goodbye game. they are a good group of kids and i hope some of them end up in the church because of their experiences.

  tuesday we had a meeting in the mission home like the usual once a month trip.

  wednesday we had to teach the zone exactly what we learned tuesday. so that is always a good time. after that is when the assistants picked me up and we headed straight to rancagua and had a couple meetings, dropped my stuff off at the house, and ended the night.

  thursday was my training day practically and we just went straight to the office and i was trained on how to use all the computer programs and stuff. it wasn't too hard so that didn't take too long and then we just had a lot of busy work to do. it looks like that is what i will be doing a lot of the time now haha..

 friday was a really cool day. we practically did the same thing in the morning but then at night we had a two hour meeting with president and finalized some things for this next coming week. changes, the new missionaries, problems in the mission. that kind of stuff.

the other elders i live with are really cool. me and elder dougher will be really good friends and so will me and elder mcgee (the new secretary). we will be living together for a long time it looks like. we also live with another elder from canada. so its going to be a fun time here in the office.

 i am sorry that my emails will be   boring but this next week we are going to start doing divisions twice a week with the zone leaders. so i hopefully will have some cool experiences from that.

 i love you guys and hope you have a good week!!  i love you guys. and just so you know...if you want me to be able to read your emails it would probably be better to write me friday nights.  i never know at what time saturday we will do internet. love ya

elder harding! 

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