Monday, September 30, 2013


rUnNiNg...tate and running...hmmm well lets just say that those two words are not said in the same sentence very often.  tate has always been ALL legs.  when he first started to play sports it seemed like it took him forever to get those long skinny legs to cooperate with him.

 it almost looked as if he was pulling a tractor behind him.  as he got older he seemed to figure out how to run with a little bit of speed.  this does not mean that the boy enjoyed running.  i remember taryn asking tate to run with her in the summer.  he would look at her as if she spoke another language.  summer was for baseball and not for running...was his usual reply.

tate's message...

before the run

                                                                 after the run

this is a picture of me just looking dead tired. That's the cause of our first morning run Smiling face with open mouth. We took off running down  old country farm roads and didn't realize how far we had actually gone. The way back was HELL. Haha but it's good that I'm getting a little bit in shape by running.

Sooooooo this week started off pretty good. Tuesday me and elder Dixon had to run up to Santiago for a doctors appointment and all went well I just have to use a cream on my toe for this week and then I will will be set to go. After that Wednesday we went to a little place called graneros for district meeting. There is a Nestlé factory there so it just smells like freaking chocolate all day. I wouldn't mind living there.

                                                         fruit anyone?

Thursday we weren't in our sector at all because we had to go to a pueblo called san fransisco to do 4 baptismal interviews. Only 1 passed. Ha ha but the other ones will get baptized in the next coming weeks. I did divisions with a Mexican so we talked a little bit about Guadalajara.  He isn't from there. But he knew a little about it so I asked him some stuff.

the bus ride 

 But this week my thoughts will be kinda short. Next week is general conference and we have the opportunity to listen to a ton of amazing men and women. Take the time to prepare for these two days and go into the conference wanting to learn something.

 It is two weekends out of the year that we get to do this so take advantage of it. I remember my first conference in the mission someone told me that if we don't know what the prophet and apostles have to say in this time and age, then we don't believe them. Take the time to listen and apply these messages to your life. don't think anything else is more important. And be grateful you get to sit at your house and watch it :) hahah!!

bird poop

 I promise that blessings will come from watching every session and trying to live what they teach.

 I love you guys. I'm doing well! Next week is also changes so it should be interesting to see what happens. If I stay or go.


Tate john Harding

Monday, September 23, 2013

wE WiLL fInD tHeM...

wE WiLL fInD tHeM...everyday we have the opportunity to touch the lives of others for the good.  we see people in the stores...people we work with...our neighbors...our friends...our family members.  there are good people everywhere.  it is our opportunity to be good examples to them.  to really really serve teach them.

tate's message...

one thing that i did learn this week was IF WE LOOK FOR 


OTHER PEOPLE......WE WILL FIND THEM. i promise you that.

 i feel like a lot of the time we don't really look for opportunities but if we were to look for them in our every day lives....we would find them everywhere... this gospel is everywhere and it will help anyone.... who wouldn't want an eternal family? who wouldn't want a ward family behind their back supporting them in their trials? who wouldn't want the opportunity to start over again through the atoning sacrifice of our brother jesus christ? EVERYONE do the little things and look for those opportunities in everything you do. 

this week was really really humbling. it was a chilean holiday kinda like there july fourth down here so no one was home and no one let us in. the weekend went a little bit better for us and we definitely got some good visits....actually something crazy just happened...we just got a call from our investigator rita who has cancer and she went to the hospital and ended up fainting so we had to find a member to go look for her. that is pretty crazy...please keep her in your prayers as we had a lesson with her last night she was really worried about some stuff and really needs all the support she can get... she cant even get enough energy to go to church but all she wants to do is get baptized...its really sad. i hope we can help her. but she always has the attitude I KNOW I WILL LEAVE THAT HOSPITAL HEALTHY ONE DAY. remember her this week for me.

tomorrow i go to santiago again for my toe appointment... it healed fine and everything so i should be good. other than that it is starting to get really freaking hot here. summer is definitely starting.... it is cool in the mornings and then burning hot by 3 o clock in the afternoon. ummm anything else....general conference is coming up so we are excited for that...and we have changes here in two weeks. i think i will stay here but i am not really sure. we will see! 

i love you guys! have a good week! also sorrell keep tearing it up coach.... sounds like you are gonna be head coach here pretty soon!

elder harding! 

Monday, September 16, 2013

mOmMAs bOy...

mOmMAs tate is the baby of the is true and he likes to make it known that he is my favorite...(this is not true).  tate was born with a happy go lucky kind of outlook.  he was always laughing and always smiling and did not like conflict.  when tyson and taryn were old enough to both be in school tate and i would hang out all day.  we would go to lunch almost every day...he was my little tag along.  i could never stay very mad at him even when his hair would get long or he would grow out that beard of his...he would always just hug me and tell me not to worry and squeeze me tight until i couldn't breathe...

this is tate's message to me on my birthday...

 HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM. i want to say thanks to literally the best mom in the world. i don't know any other mom who would wake up every day for us during grade school and dance and sing during breakfast...

 mom i know sometimes i gave you a little scare with some of the things me and my friends did haha but just know i loved you and whenever i did something i always thought first "i wonder how mad my mom would get if i got caught" not saying i always followed the right way but maybe i will tell you some of those stories later...

 haha anyways i just want to say thank you. literally for everything you do. for spoiling me like crazy and for just being the example you are. you were never scared to tell us how it is, or to let us learn through our own mistakes and i know that is a good mom. i know it wasn't always easy hiding that i am the favorite child....but we made it through it together:) i love you mom! we all love you more than you know...and we owe everything we have to you and what you taught us! i love you 

SOOOOO this week was a little more exciting. i got to leave practically the whole week and we got some work done but it was still a really rough week i guess you could say.

 we had a hard time finding people to teach and it just seemed like a trial week so we are hoping to have a good week and find some good people to teach this week. one thing that i did learn tho was about praying, patience, and rest. i was reading in alma 34: 39-40 and it caught my eye. 

so i know that sometimes we have a lot of trials and things but one thing we sometimes forget to do is PRAY. if you aren't doing it...i invite you to start.

 god wants to hear you and is waiting. he will always listen. but you have to be willing and humble follow his guidance also. next thing is we must be patient....we always want everything in this world NOW NOW NOW...

 we need to learn to be patient and learn that everything has its time and if we do our part it will be okay. and then we just need to realize that we may never have rest in this life....

that maybe patience will have to last all throughout this life until the next life begins... that one might be the hardest... i love you all. pray and be patient in all things.

 i promise you blessings. 

tate would like you all to go to this link and watch and listen to this song...

love tate!

Monday, September 9, 2013


TiMe...time is something we can never get back.  we rush here and there trying to fit as many things as we can in a day.  we are busy and tired and feel like we have no extra time.  minutes turn into hours and days turn into weeks and so on and so on...we must find time to fit the important things into our lives.  (tate lost his camera booo!)

tate's thoughts...

i starting thinking about TIME. how we are always losing it. this past year of my life has been going by insanely fast and i realized that i only have one year left on my mission....i have  hit like a mid mission crisis or something haha... but anyways...time is something really important in our lives. maybe we feel that we don't have time to keep making the same mistakes over and over when we know they are  wrong? maybe we feel that we don't have time to forgive others for what they have done? we do not know what is going to happen we need to start today changing and become the person god wants us to be. don't waste time, because we will never gain it back... i had the chance to listen and watch the dvds from travis's funeral during the time in the house and i realized that travis was not one to waste his time...maybe he wasn't always on time to everything or anything like that...but he always had a plan and was always using his time to get better or to do something productive.. i have a year left on my mission to show the lord that i am giving it all to him. i challenge you to do the same...we do not know how much time we have left in this start changing today and use your time as it if all mattered...just like during sports....we gotta play this game as if it were our last!

 FAMILY!!! whats up? i'm just chilling walking around in one church shoe and a flip flop on the other... i'm looking like a thug.... anyways... this week was really good in the beginning..tuesday night we had a devotional with elder viñas and i learned tons!! A COUPLE THINGS HE SAID: revelation is not our ideas of what is right....and that revelation cant go against what has already been taught...for example if someone says i woke up and received revelation that it is better for me not to go to church....obviously that isn't revelation...also that revelation isn't to know what will happen in the is to know what could happen if we do our part and follow gods plan and his teachings... pretty interesting.!! also just wanted to let everyone know that GOD LOVES YOU GUYS!! sooo just remember that this week if you are having a hard time! 

we also saw a miracle of prayer. the other elders that we live with were having a really hard day and couldn't find anyone....we told them we would pray for them....we then got busy in the house talking and almost forgot....but as we got together and remembered to pray for them...fifteen minutes later they called us. they had found a man who had been praying to god for help just before they knocked his door....prayer works...that man is now on a track to get baptized next month... god is you guys!!

chao!! love you 

Monday, September 2, 2013

booK oF mormoN storieS...

booK oF mormoN storieS...  when tate was a little boy he would get out his action figures (starwars, cowboys and indians and corps)  to play with.  he would build mountains and forts for them and play inside the house  and outside in the dirt with them.  mingled among all of those action figures was his book of mormon action figure heroes...  nephi, stripling warriors, captain moroni, ammon and samuel the lamanite were always in on the action too.

the first primary song tate learned was book of mormon stories:                                                              Book of Mormon stories that my teacher tells to me 
Are about the Lamanites in ancient history.

Long ago their fathers came from far across the sea,Giv’n the land if they lived righteously 

above tates bed is this poster...

i am so thankful that he has always believed in the truthfullness of the  book of mormon and is now teaching the people of chile.

this is tate's message this week...

 i want to say one thing so mom has something to put on my blog! READ THE BOOK OF MORMON. its true. and it has all the answers we need. amen :)

soooooo this week was an interesting week! it started off with changes on tuesday and it was crazy. all the missionaries were supposed to arrive at the train station at 8.....not one single one showed up so it was a mess trying to send them all down on bus and getting all their luggage and all there too! crazy stuff! 

 then the week went on and on thursday i had a doctors appointment in santiago so we headed up there and did a few cool things to enjoy ourselves...  we ate at taco bell AND pizza hut. we climbed a castle... and we went to the temple store...  so not too bad of a trip. the doctor saw my toe though and just said... oh my gosh i just want to do surgery right now!

 here is a picture of it... you will probably throw up! but don't worry the picture is when it was at its worst...but then the week went on and it was still really a chill week considering the doctor told me not to walk a lot so one day i stayed at a members house while we did divions and my comp went out with some young men. that SUCKED.

  we did something way cool today and went back to a part of my old sector to a huge  market type thing. it sells all sorts of real chilean things so that was way cool to go back there and look at all the chilean stuff!

 this week after wednesday will not be fun because  i have to stay in the house and try not to walk for  3 or 4 days. i am gonna go crazy.  this thursday Elder Viñas is coming to do a zone conference and teach us a few things. so that should be really cool.

 i'm sorry for not saying much that is interesting this week! it was a really long and crazy week full of things that just didn't have much significance.

love you 
elder harding!