Monday, September 23, 2013

wE WiLL fInD tHeM...

wE WiLL fInD tHeM...everyday we have the opportunity to touch the lives of others for the good.  we see people in the stores...people we work with...our neighbors...our friends...our family members.  there are good people everywhere.  it is our opportunity to be good examples to them.  to really really serve teach them.

tate's message...

one thing that i did learn this week was IF WE LOOK FOR 


OTHER PEOPLE......WE WILL FIND THEM. i promise you that.

 i feel like a lot of the time we don't really look for opportunities but if we were to look for them in our every day lives....we would find them everywhere... this gospel is everywhere and it will help anyone.... who wouldn't want an eternal family? who wouldn't want a ward family behind their back supporting them in their trials? who wouldn't want the opportunity to start over again through the atoning sacrifice of our brother jesus christ? EVERYONE do the little things and look for those opportunities in everything you do. 

this week was really really humbling. it was a chilean holiday kinda like there july fourth down here so no one was home and no one let us in. the weekend went a little bit better for us and we definitely got some good visits....actually something crazy just happened...we just got a call from our investigator rita who has cancer and she went to the hospital and ended up fainting so we had to find a member to go look for her. that is pretty crazy...please keep her in your prayers as we had a lesson with her last night she was really worried about some stuff and really needs all the support she can get... she cant even get enough energy to go to church but all she wants to do is get baptized...its really sad. i hope we can help her. but she always has the attitude I KNOW I WILL LEAVE THAT HOSPITAL HEALTHY ONE DAY. remember her this week for me.

tomorrow i go to santiago again for my toe appointment... it healed fine and everything so i should be good. other than that it is starting to get really freaking hot here. summer is definitely starting.... it is cool in the mornings and then burning hot by 3 o clock in the afternoon. ummm anything else....general conference is coming up so we are excited for that...and we have changes here in two weeks. i think i will stay here but i am not really sure. we will see! 

i love you guys! have a good week! also sorrell keep tearing it up coach.... sounds like you are gonna be head coach here pretty soon!

elder harding! 

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