Monday, September 2, 2013

booK oF mormoN storieS...

booK oF mormoN storieS...  when tate was a little boy he would get out his action figures (starwars, cowboys and indians and corps)  to play with.  he would build mountains and forts for them and play inside the house  and outside in the dirt with them.  mingled among all of those action figures was his book of mormon action figure heroes...  nephi, stripling warriors, captain moroni, ammon and samuel the lamanite were always in on the action too.

the first primary song tate learned was book of mormon stories:                                                              Book of Mormon stories that my teacher tells to me 
Are about the Lamanites in ancient history.

Long ago their fathers came from far across the sea,Giv’n the land if they lived righteously 

above tates bed is this poster...

i am so thankful that he has always believed in the truthfullness of the  book of mormon and is now teaching the people of chile.

this is tate's message this week...

 i want to say one thing so mom has something to put on my blog! READ THE BOOK OF MORMON. its true. and it has all the answers we need. amen :)

soooooo this week was an interesting week! it started off with changes on tuesday and it was crazy. all the missionaries were supposed to arrive at the train station at 8.....not one single one showed up so it was a mess trying to send them all down on bus and getting all their luggage and all there too! crazy stuff! 

 then the week went on and on thursday i had a doctors appointment in santiago so we headed up there and did a few cool things to enjoy ourselves...  we ate at taco bell AND pizza hut. we climbed a castle... and we went to the temple store...  so not too bad of a trip. the doctor saw my toe though and just said... oh my gosh i just want to do surgery right now!

 here is a picture of it... you will probably throw up! but don't worry the picture is when it was at its worst...but then the week went on and it was still really a chill week considering the doctor told me not to walk a lot so one day i stayed at a members house while we did divions and my comp went out with some young men. that SUCKED.

  we did something way cool today and went back to a part of my old sector to a huge  market type thing. it sells all sorts of real chilean things so that was way cool to go back there and look at all the chilean stuff!

 this week after wednesday will not be fun because  i have to stay in the house and try not to walk for  3 or 4 days. i am gonna go crazy.  this thursday Elder Viñas is coming to do a zone conference and teach us a few things. so that should be really cool.

 i'm sorry for not saying much that is interesting this week! it was a really long and crazy week full of things that just didn't have much significance.

love you 
elder harding! 

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