Monday, September 9, 2013


TiMe...time is something we can never get back.  we rush here and there trying to fit as many things as we can in a day.  we are busy and tired and feel like we have no extra time.  minutes turn into hours and days turn into weeks and so on and so on...we must find time to fit the important things into our lives.  (tate lost his camera booo!)

tate's thoughts...

i starting thinking about TIME. how we are always losing it. this past year of my life has been going by insanely fast and i realized that i only have one year left on my mission....i have  hit like a mid mission crisis or something haha... but anyways...time is something really important in our lives. maybe we feel that we don't have time to keep making the same mistakes over and over when we know they are  wrong? maybe we feel that we don't have time to forgive others for what they have done? we do not know what is going to happen we need to start today changing and become the person god wants us to be. don't waste time, because we will never gain it back... i had the chance to listen and watch the dvds from travis's funeral during the time in the house and i realized that travis was not one to waste his time...maybe he wasn't always on time to everything or anything like that...but he always had a plan and was always using his time to get better or to do something productive.. i have a year left on my mission to show the lord that i am giving it all to him. i challenge you to do the same...we do not know how much time we have left in this start changing today and use your time as it if all mattered...just like during sports....we gotta play this game as if it were our last!

 FAMILY!!! whats up? i'm just chilling walking around in one church shoe and a flip flop on the other... i'm looking like a thug.... anyways... this week was really good in the beginning..tuesday night we had a devotional with elder viñas and i learned tons!! A COUPLE THINGS HE SAID: revelation is not our ideas of what is right....and that revelation cant go against what has already been taught...for example if someone says i woke up and received revelation that it is better for me not to go to church....obviously that isn't revelation...also that revelation isn't to know what will happen in the is to know what could happen if we do our part and follow gods plan and his teachings... pretty interesting.!! also just wanted to let everyone know that GOD LOVES YOU GUYS!! sooo just remember that this week if you are having a hard time! 

we also saw a miracle of prayer. the other elders that we live with were having a really hard day and couldn't find anyone....we told them we would pray for them....we then got busy in the house talking and almost forgot....but as we got together and remembered to pray for them...fifteen minutes later they called us. they had found a man who had been praying to god for help just before they knocked his door....prayer works...that man is now on a track to get baptized next month... god is you guys!!

chao!! love you 

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