Monday, September 30, 2013


rUnNiNg...tate and running...hmmm well lets just say that those two words are not said in the same sentence very often.  tate has always been ALL legs.  when he first started to play sports it seemed like it took him forever to get those long skinny legs to cooperate with him.

 it almost looked as if he was pulling a tractor behind him.  as he got older he seemed to figure out how to run with a little bit of speed.  this does not mean that the boy enjoyed running.  i remember taryn asking tate to run with her in the summer.  he would look at her as if she spoke another language.  summer was for baseball and not for running...was his usual reply.

tate's message...

before the run

                                                                 after the run

this is a picture of me just looking dead tired. That's the cause of our first morning run Smiling face with open mouth. We took off running down  old country farm roads and didn't realize how far we had actually gone. The way back was HELL. Haha but it's good that I'm getting a little bit in shape by running.

Sooooooo this week started off pretty good. Tuesday me and elder Dixon had to run up to Santiago for a doctors appointment and all went well I just have to use a cream on my toe for this week and then I will will be set to go. After that Wednesday we went to a little place called graneros for district meeting. There is a Nestlé factory there so it just smells like freaking chocolate all day. I wouldn't mind living there.

                                                         fruit anyone?

Thursday we weren't in our sector at all because we had to go to a pueblo called san fransisco to do 4 baptismal interviews. Only 1 passed. Ha ha but the other ones will get baptized in the next coming weeks. I did divisions with a Mexican so we talked a little bit about Guadalajara.  He isn't from there. But he knew a little about it so I asked him some stuff.

the bus ride 

 But this week my thoughts will be kinda short. Next week is general conference and we have the opportunity to listen to a ton of amazing men and women. Take the time to prepare for these two days and go into the conference wanting to learn something.

 It is two weekends out of the year that we get to do this so take advantage of it. I remember my first conference in the mission someone told me that if we don't know what the prophet and apostles have to say in this time and age, then we don't believe them. Take the time to listen and apply these messages to your life. don't think anything else is more important. And be grateful you get to sit at your house and watch it :) hahah!!

bird poop

 I promise that blessings will come from watching every session and trying to live what they teach.

 I love you guys. I'm doing well! Next week is also changes so it should be interesting to see what happens. If I stay or go.


Tate john Harding

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