Monday, October 7, 2013

tHe cHaLlEnGe...

tHe cHaLlEnGe...our family likes a challenge...we like to compete or watch others compete.  most of our free time is spent competing in sports...watching sports...refereeing sports...talking about sports.   the challenge that tate has proposed to us as a family is a little different than what we are used to.  this challenge will make us come out of our comfort zone.  this challenge will bless the lives of others.  

tate's message...

  I have two challenges 

1. Reread or watch ALL the talks again. 
2. Everyone in our family give out a Book of Mormon to somebody before Christmas.

conference was incredible. I know that what they said was true and the only thing left to do is go and apply those things in our life. Its our decision now if we want the blessings or not. I know I want the blessings for our family. The blessings of conference don't come until after when we really show that we learned something and didn't just hear it.

 this last Monday we went to a little town called coya. It is way up in the mountains but it is a mining town with a nice little resort and golf course up there so that was really relaxing and a cool little trip I will never forget. That Monday night we had two lessons with two less active families. I was grateful to be able to tell them about the blessings of the temple that I have seen in my family. There really is no other place more peaceful on this earth and no other place that can make us happier.

 last week  my comp had a drunk guy kick him one day  hahahahah super funny and weird experience. The guy thought he could talk in English but he was just mumbling so we told him we couldn't understand and he kinda got mad. Good thing we were able to get out of there.

 Tuesday was a meeting in the mission home for some of the leaders of the mission. We ate Hawaiian haystacks. Remember when Ty got home from his mission and said that we never ate those before his mission hahahahah mom got so mad. I always took Ty's side on that one just to be funny.

Wednesday I did divisions in grAneros where that nestle factory is and it went really well. The following morning we got some  news that we are changing houses. And the house we are going to is HUGE.  it will be cool but it sucked that I had to pack and then unpack again.  they called us after we had already packed everything and told us we wouldn't be moving until Monday so we had to unpack a few things to make it throughout the weekend. 

 It will be weird leaving the house that I have lived in for a while now... but it should also be really fun.  so changes came Saturday and I will be staying with elder Dixon here in villa teniente for 6 more weeks. I kinda hope I stay with him for a little longer too so that we are together for Christmas. That would be way fun.
i love you guys!


Tate John Harding

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