Monday, October 21, 2013

hApPy BiRtHdAy tO mY sIsTeR...

hApPy BiRtHdAy tO mY sIsTeR...

tate and taryn have always been very close...the best of friends...the best of pals...the best of the big sister and little brother duo ever.  they played together all of the time.  taryn even talked tate into playing barbies and polly pockets once in a while.  tate never seemed to mind that he had a cute big sister...his friends never seemed to mind either.  when tate was a freshmen and taryn was a senior... taryn had 15 of her friends walk into tate's classroom and give him a kiss on the cheek for his birthday.

 hmmm...tate never seemed to mind that either.  although tate was the little brother he was also the protector as they got older and taryn loved knowing that he had her back.  they are not only brother and sister but best buddies.

tate's message...

i want to wish my sister a happy birthday!!! Thanks for always putting up with me. I know i'm annoying but I know You love it . Maybe sometimes I embarrassed you or teased you but that's what little brothers are for. Thanks for always being a good example to me and for always loving me and showing me how to be nice to everyone.

 Thank you for always being so hardworking and diligent. You really are the best sister that I could have asked for. I really did look up to you and what you stood for all these years. Also you married my best friend and coach so that was cool too :).  I hope you have an amazing bday!!!! And yes I will still go with you to the laundry room whenever you want so that you don't have to go alone and be scared... love your favorite little brother. Tate John Harding.

Hey family. So this Monday started off really good. We had a good Pday and  we ended the day with a couple lessons and a family home evening. In the family home evening we talked about a scripture that talks about how god created things spiritually before he created them physically. I applied that to how in our lives we need to first be okay spiritually and our relationship with god needs to be good before we worry about our physical or temporal situation. First we need to fix our lives spiritually. And blessings come after. It will do us no good to worry about the worldly things first. We won't take them with us to the next life. But we had a good time at this house and made cookies and the member (who is practically our mom) made us dinner. It was a good night and I think we should take advantage of the time we have as a family together and set aside one night during the week to do something together. I miss that a lot. 

Tuesday I headed up to Santiago for my doctors appointment and it went okay. We are going to try some home remedies before we do anything big like another surgery so no worries there. We got back and had some good lessons and found an awesome family so I'm really excited. but man was it freaking hot. Hoping to get a good tan this summer knowing that I tan so easily. 

Wednesday we started the day with another run through the Chilean countryside and then we had district meeting. We talked a little bit about our attitudes. Long story short if we have a bad attitude we will have bad results. If we have a good attitude we will have good results. Pretty simple right. So I'm trying to be a lot more positive about everything. I find that I'm happier too. We ate lunch and then headed out into the infernal pit to work. Ended up walking around for 3 hours but we found some good people. So it was all worth it. Then we ended the night with a family home evening with the branch president and his wife and a less active lady. It went really well. We watched a Mormon message about love and it was a really good lesson. Soooo love one another.

 Thursday was a loooong day and really hot as well. But turned out to be a good day. We had a couple lessons fall but then it started to pick up and we found a family so we are really excited to start working with them. They are really young and the husband is a member but the kids and wife aren't. I hope we can help them. We ended the night by visiting fanny and Luis,  some of our investigators. They were really busy so we didn't get much of a lesson. By the time we all say down it was time for us to go. So that kinda sucked but we are trying haha.

 Friday was a pretty slow day as we kinda just had a lot of little things to do but it ended on a pretty good note. We are working with one family to help them get to the temple to get sealed. We taught them the law of tithing and it was a really cool lesson. Afterwards we had a ward activity for a kid who is leaving on the mission. It went really well and we had a bunch of people show up to play soccer also. Hopefully we can see some good progress from these activities we do every week haha.

 Saturday in the morning we had English classes haha it's always funny to hear them speak English and then I realized that's what I sound like in Spanish to them and it didn't seem that funny anymore. Hahaha :) we ended up having a pretty decent day  mostly looking for less active members again. 

Sunday went incredibly well for us. We had six investigators in church and it was literally a miracle. We are now starting to see people make steps of faith and it is the coolest thing ever. One concept i learned in church was "just because we are faithful at this time in our life, doesn't mean we always will be" we have to keep at it. Keep doing the little acts of obedience and all the little seminary answers. I liked that a lot considering I didn't do them very much before the mission haha. But they really do help. I know that now. 

 love u guys. 

Elder Tate John Harding 

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