Monday, October 14, 2013

tHe BiRtHdAy BoY...

tHe BiRtHdAy BoY...on October 18th 1993 a little boy was born into our family.  we decided on tate john as his name.  named after greg's grandpa john schmid, my grandpa john wells and tate's uncle travis john kunz.  from the beginning he was this blonde haired little boy that always had a smile on his face.  he had a big brother and a big sister and many aunts and uncles who were so excited to have him as part of our family.  the time has flown and it seems impossible that this week this same chubby little boy will be turning twenty years old.  he has outgrown his chubbiness and the need  to wear pants with elastic around the waist to a tall and lanky missionary that needs a belt to keep his pants on.  he is the baby of the family and  we love him and are proud of him.

tate's message...

i want to thank everyone for the birthday wishes and even though i may not reply to all your mail or emails just know i love you and thanks for supporting me through another year of my life. i may be getting old...but i am still the favorite... crazy to think that i will be home in less than a year. but i am grateful for these two years i have been given to grow and learn about life. thank you for everything...i will throw a big bday party the next year when i am some cake for me! love you all.

Sooooooo hey. This week definitely was a different week here in chile "rancargwa" (Hazyl) :). Monday started off pretty chill because we had our Pday and then we just got home and did our weekly planning session because we couldn't do it Sunday due to conference. And then we went and bought elder Lamartine some ice cream because it was his last day living with us so we just kinda hung out and had a good time with him.

Tuesday was changes and really exhausting having to make sure everyone got to where they needed to be. But it turned out to be fine. We had an amazing lesson with our investigators fanny and Luis and we really hope to help their family through this gospel. They are a really young couple who are about to have their second kid. They are like our best friends so sometimes it's hard to teach them because they like to talk to us a lot. But we are getting better with them.

Wednesday we had zone conference and we talked a lot about the Book of Mormon and I also had to give a talk about what motivates a less active member. I did ok I think haha. I did manage to say amen in English accent instead of Spanish accent though  pretty funny but not very many people caught it so it's all good. "It just slipped out" like Tare used to say haha nick if you don't get that one I can explain later.

Thursday we finally moved.!!! It took all morning and a little in the afternoon but it was so worth it. Our house is huge now and way more relaxing.  Friday we spent a couple hours in the morning cleaning and then we actually saw a miracle. A while back I told you a story abut running into a lady that was hanging out of her window and we almost didn't go back to talk to her but then we did and it was a miracle family whose son had just committed suicide and were going through a hard time. Well we actually lost them for about 2 months and then we ran into them again while walking on a random street and she said I don't normally drive this way but for some reason today I did. God keeps putting her in our way so we must have some sort of work to do.

Friday night we played soccer. Once again I played goalie :( it's just there way of saying "Tate you suck at this game so go stand over there and get hit with the ball"  Saturday we played again because we have an investigator who loves playing so it turned out pretty good and then Saturday night was a stake activity and then I also ran by the office and got my package!!!! I was so stoked. I loved everything. Especially the pics and letters so thanks. You guys don't know how much I love and miss you

 Also something crazy happened Saturday night. At about four in the morning I thought I heard someone yelling hello from outside our house. But I figured it was just a dream so I tried to go back to bed. But then I heard someone knocking on the front door so I woke everyone up and we listened to someone walk around our house  then they knock on our door to our bedroom where we sleep and ask if we are renting the house out. We said no and he left and locked the door somehow on his way out. We watched a man get in his car with his family and drive away. We were freaking out!!!

 Then ten minutes later after we all peed our pants they showed up again with the cops and turns out it was the owner of the house. The real estate lady didn't tell the owners that we were renting and had moved in  so they drove by and thought someone had broken in. this all happened at 4 in the morning. Weirdest thing to happen to me yet . Crazy to think I will turn twenty in less then a week. I'm old. But still the favorite just so everyone knows. Sunday was way chill but very hot. It's starting to get really rally hot up in here. Like sweating 24/7. So that's always fun. That is my week in a nutshell. 

Tate. Pile of feces

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