Monday, December 31, 2012


*** so eugene was washed cleaned and full of gas and ready to go to henry's house, but luckily our community of giving people had already given them a van. a van  will much better suit a family of seven.  eugene was one of many vehicles that were ready to be given to the family. what an awesome town for being so charitable to a family in need.  luckily eugene is off on another adventure and has found a new home.***

                                                just an every day sight in chile 

LiStEn... when tate called on christmas i just wanted to hear his voice...i wanted him to keep talking...something about the words he said...i just wanted to listen to him.  he sounded good... the same but different.  he loves his mission and is growing and is learning and is becoming a man.  he is experiencing many new things... seeing stuff... meeting people that are life changing.  listening is something we all need to do more.  we get busy and in a hurry and forget to listen...sometimes the noise or silence makes us nervous or uncomfortable and we talk to ease the awkwardness.  we all need to be still and just listen a little more.

                                  a letter from tate's grade school friend rhett 

 we were having a really rough day and just walking to random houses to contact...when all of a sudden we found ourselves in the RIGHT PLACE AT THE RIGHT TIME. we contacted this house and a man came out and were just conversing for a while when all of a sudden he said...i was actually baptized in your church back with my family...he was a part of the first full family baptism in Rancagua! haha way tight...the part i want to share with you guys is that as we sat there and talked about his life with him. we could tell it wasn't easy... he has been out of work for a long time and he pretty much told me his life story... this may not seem like a huge story or anything really cool...but the moral that i learned was to LISTEN TO PEOPLE. a way we can show our love to others is to just listen to them and i guarantee that as we listen to others and what is important to them...we will feel love for them and want to help them... this week me and elder lowrey have been working on service and charity.....service doesn't always have to be hands on activity...showing love for others and showing interest in their lives can serve them even more than you can imagine!  i do a lot of listening down here... so if you get the chance to listen to matter who they are...listen with an intent to actually care....

                                                                            christmas dinner 

something funny that happened this week is about Elder Layton, another elder who lives with us. he threw up at a members house after eating their gross food hahahah which is really bad because people take food seriously down here and took it pretty offensively hhahah so funny tho...and then they had lunch again with them and he almost did it again hahahah... hope you guys like presents and i loved skyping with you guys!!     love you Elder Harding

Monday, December 24, 2012

TaTe'S cAr...EuGeNe...

                            zone conference activity

TaTe'S cAr...EuGeNe...  i hope you remember about a student that i wrote about in an earlier blog...henry.  well yesterday in the idaho state journal on the front page their was a story about henry and his family.  it seems his family has had many struggles and henry decided to write a letter to santa asking for only one thing and that was for his father to get better.  henry's father is in need of a kidney transplant and they don't have a car to get him back and forth to treatment.  as i read the article i couldn't help but cry...i knew what we needed to do.  you see tate's car sits in the garage unused.  it is not a fancy car by any means but it runs.  it has made it thru tyson driving it to century, taryn driving it to highland and then of course tate.  tate actually named it eugene.  i told greg what i was thinking and at first he thought i was just being emotional.  but as usual when i come up with these ideas he usually comes around to my way of thinking.  you see i usually react first with my heart and then with my brain. greg thinks first logically and then with his heart.  we made the call and eugene will be going to henry's family.  i knew that tate would want it that way.  here is what tate said...okay so mom.....i am so glad you gave my car away...i cried when i read that story as i always do when you tell me things like that...i am glad that it can find a place for use and not be wasted... eugene will be an amazing blessing for them.

                                                                               tate in the shower  

here is my christmas message.... as  i go into all these chilean houses down here i cant help but think of all the blessings i have in my own life that these people couldn't even imagine in theirs. most families down here don't care about getting a ton of presents or anything like that...its all about family for them...that's why they look forward to it...because their whole family gets together... one thing i want to challenge our WHOLE family to do this christmas is DONT THINK SO MUCH ABOUT ALL THE WORLDLY GIFTS AND PRESENTS YOU WOULD RECIEVE FOR CHRISTMAS.....BUT THINK ABOUT THE HEAVENLY ONES YOU RECIEVE DAILY FROM YOUR SAVIOR...BECAUSE WITHOUT HIS BIRTH...THE VERY THING WE CELEBRATE THIS TIME OF YEAR....WE WOULD HAVE NOTHING..

                                                                elmo hat and making cookies



                                                                          tate caroling falalalalala

Monday, December 17, 2012

gAvE mE tHe ChiLLs...

gAvE mE tHe ChiLLs...we all have had moments when we hope that the impression or example we have left with someone will be good.  i have the awesome opportunity to work with children every day and not only teach them but to also let them know how much i care about them and the great potential that they have.  the other day i had to reprimand one of the girls i teach in my fifth grade group about her effort in class.  after talking to her i over heard a boy who i have taught since he was in kindergarten lean over and tell the girl...mrs. harding wants us to do and be our best she really loves us.  i hope they always remember this.  tate has three uncles who have served missions in chile. i am sure they all left their missions hoping that they had positive impact on those people. this is an experience that tate had this week in chile...

so this week started off really freaking awesome...we went to the church to have a little party with my district and there were some people there cleaning.  we got talking a little and he asked where i was from...i told him idaho and he said wow they make them big in idaho...i once knew an elder from idaho who loved football and had a pretty big stature...i instantly got chills and asked him what his name was and he said elder KUNZ. I didn't know what to say....i said troy kunz? and he said yep that is the one...but he said he was in the mission more south (which used to be santiago south) and so i told him that is my uncle and he was super excited...

                                                       Troy Emily Kaden Adri Mason Kunz
                   i am glad you guys are doing well and having fun with the girls...i miss them...i miss the family a lot right now cuz of christmas and all that stuff... pretty hard but i am doing well...  


 i just hope we all see that as members of this church we are to do as Elder Holland said in conference...feed the lords lost everything you can to help and serve those around you! i love this work and am sad every single week because it goes by so freaking fast....i have already been here for over 2 months and i cannot believe it...i miss you guys a ton but i know i am doing what is right...i am excited to skype you this christmas and cannot wait haha

another good thing is i am getting pretty freaking good at ping pong...every single chilean is so dope at it and so i get pretty good playing them haha.... also this coming friday our mission rented out a stadium in santiago for a mission activity for christmas... ahah should be pretty fun... anyways..

laters! love you guys and be good! help the missionaries...

love elder harding! 

Monday, December 10, 2012

aSk Me A qUeStIoN...

aSk Me A when tate would come home from school i would ask... how was your day?  the answer...good.  then i would follow up with...anything exciting happen? the answer..not really.  when he would get home after being with friends i would ask...who all was there?  the answer...everyone.  then i would say what did you do?  the answer...just chilled.  so with that being said we decided to ask him a few questions this week...

                                                     just me and hermana                                                  

Do you do your own wash or does someone do it for you? LADIES IN OUR WARD DO IT...BUT SOMETIMES WE HAVE TO AS WELL..

Do you cook your own meals or does someone do it for you? LUNCH IS WITH MEMBERS EVERYTHING ELSE IS US
What kind of food are you eating?TONS OF RICE, TOMATOES, BREAD, SOUP, CHICKEN.

Do you have hot/warm water to shower in or what?HOT UNTIL OUR GAS TANK GOES OUT

Do you walk a lot? everywhere you go or take taxis or ride buses or what? WALK A LOT, IF ITS NOT TOO FAR BUT IF IT IS FAR WE TAKE A COLLECTIVO(TAXI REALLY CHEAP) AND THEN IF IT IS REALLY FAR WE TAKE A BUS.

How big is the city/town that you live in or work in? RENGO IS HUGE! PROBABLY 6 HOURS WALKING FROM END TO END.

Is the weather too hot, too cold, or just right for now? STARTING TO GET REALLY HOT

How is the language coming along? EASY...HARD PART IS UNDERSTANDING.

                                                  christmas devotional

 some things that i have been thinking about and my investigators are struggling with is keeping the sabbath day holy...all my investigators really struggle with coming to seems like a small thing but it really is a commandment of god and we should do everything we can to keep it holy...ha so pray for me to help my investigators see that!! anyways one thing we have been doing is trying to get a lot more help from the ward and it has been working out amazing!! it really does mean so much to us when the ward is involved...try to help the missionaries in your wards as much as possible cuz knocking doors sucks and if you give them references it makes it so much i think i told you guys about the investigator we just happened to keep running into...well the first lesson we had with him was amazing...he accepted the invitation to be baptized and i hope it goes through! he is an amazing guy and really connects with us
so i experienced my first chilean rain and hollay you think it rains hard in the states....try like three times harder here... its insane haha way cool tho...i will definitely need to buy some boots down here...we also had a devotional for christmas and david archuletta sang like ten songs haha...hearing him sing in spanish is tight haha still weird he is in my zone and mission tho see what else...ummm crazy i have been here four weeks now...i cant even understand it haha...hope all you guys are doing well and know that i love you guys..

                                                         tate's whole district

                                                    i am excited to talk to you you

                      Elder harding!!!! 

Monday, December 3, 2012

lOvE tHeM tOdAy...

lOvE tHeM tOdAy...when basketball tryouts were starting during tate's senior year there was a new player that showed up for tryouts.  he was new to school and had just moved into the boundaries from another school within the state of idaho.  this young man's father had lost his job and the whole family was struggling to survive.  the solution was to send the siblings to live with relatives while the parents tried to get back on their feet.  tate came home from tryouts and was upset because the school board and school superintendent were not going to allow this young man to be a part of the team because he had moved in at such a late date and had decided he was not eligible.  tate sat at the computer and wrote a letter to the school board and superintendent to get them to reverse their decision.  in his letter he stated how at this time in this young man's life being a part of a team was what he needed.  it was clear that this young man would rarely see time on the court because of his skills.  tate strongly felt that practice and games would be a high light for this young man who's life was in turmoil.  because of tate's letter the decision was reversed and this young man was allowed to come to practice and to games and was even able to get on the court once in a while...often we find ourselves in certain situations where we can either make an impact or choose not to.  in tate's letter this week he talks about being in the right place at the right time...

this is flying by!! hollay! okay so this week started really good! we found tons of new investigators. probably like 10. but the problem is they never remember that we have freaking appointments. so when we go back they never are there.. it is so frustrating...i guess one lesson i learned this week is this isn't my time out here and things aren't going to work out on my time! this is the lords time and he will choose how he wants it to work out...we just need to press on with faith. we have like 25 investigators now and only like 3 or 4 are actually home at times we can go find them. its super difficult but i know it will get better! a little motto i kinda took for my mission that i learned while in the mtc is ´´love them today, they might listen tomorrow"

 i know if i show that i truly care about them and love them every single day and want to help them they will listen eventually! i truly do love it more and more every single week! we started teaching this one lady who is really excited about learning the gospel. one of my favorite things to do now is share my testimony with people and promise them blessings. its crazy to look back at things and think wow that happened for a reason. such as the other day we ran into a guy who spoke pretty good english. thought nothing of it and went on our way. we didn't talk to him much. but then yesterday we are walking down a random road and all of the sudden there he is again. i know for a fact we were there at the right time and the right place to set up another visit with him. i am super excited!
every thursday we play soccer with the kids in the ward but i always bring a basketball haha they love watching me dunk it haha its like the coolest thing ever. we also have a guy in our area who plays professional ball down here and he goes nuts when i dunk it hahahah...way funny! 

 also today we went on a safari. they put you in this caged truck and throw raw meat on top and then take you through a lion field and the lions jump on the truck and eat right in front of you.

 haha its the most insane thing ever  soo i love you guys and miss you 

talk to you next week which seems like two days away haha! 

love elder harding!!