Monday, December 3, 2012

lOvE tHeM tOdAy...

lOvE tHeM tOdAy...when basketball tryouts were starting during tate's senior year there was a new player that showed up for tryouts.  he was new to school and had just moved into the boundaries from another school within the state of idaho.  this young man's father had lost his job and the whole family was struggling to survive.  the solution was to send the siblings to live with relatives while the parents tried to get back on their feet.  tate came home from tryouts and was upset because the school board and school superintendent were not going to allow this young man to be a part of the team because he had moved in at such a late date and had decided he was not eligible.  tate sat at the computer and wrote a letter to the school board and superintendent to get them to reverse their decision.  in his letter he stated how at this time in this young man's life being a part of a team was what he needed.  it was clear that this young man would rarely see time on the court because of his skills.  tate strongly felt that practice and games would be a high light for this young man who's life was in turmoil.  because of tate's letter the decision was reversed and this young man was allowed to come to practice and to games and was even able to get on the court once in a while...often we find ourselves in certain situations where we can either make an impact or choose not to.  in tate's letter this week he talks about being in the right place at the right time...

this is flying by!! hollay! okay so this week started really good! we found tons of new investigators. probably like 10. but the problem is they never remember that we have freaking appointments. so when we go back they never are there.. it is so frustrating...i guess one lesson i learned this week is this isn't my time out here and things aren't going to work out on my time! this is the lords time and he will choose how he wants it to work out...we just need to press on with faith. we have like 25 investigators now and only like 3 or 4 are actually home at times we can go find them. its super difficult but i know it will get better! a little motto i kinda took for my mission that i learned while in the mtc is ´´love them today, they might listen tomorrow"

 i know if i show that i truly care about them and love them every single day and want to help them they will listen eventually! i truly do love it more and more every single week! we started teaching this one lady who is really excited about learning the gospel. one of my favorite things to do now is share my testimony with people and promise them blessings. its crazy to look back at things and think wow that happened for a reason. such as the other day we ran into a guy who spoke pretty good english. thought nothing of it and went on our way. we didn't talk to him much. but then yesterday we are walking down a random road and all of the sudden there he is again. i know for a fact we were there at the right time and the right place to set up another visit with him. i am super excited!
every thursday we play soccer with the kids in the ward but i always bring a basketball haha they love watching me dunk it haha its like the coolest thing ever. we also have a guy in our area who plays professional ball down here and he goes nuts when i dunk it hahahah...way funny! 

 also today we went on a safari. they put you in this caged truck and throw raw meat on top and then take you through a lion field and the lions jump on the truck and eat right in front of you.

 haha its the most insane thing ever  soo i love you guys and miss you 

talk to you next week which seems like two days away haha! 

love elder harding!! 

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