Monday, December 10, 2012

aSk Me A qUeStIoN...

aSk Me A when tate would come home from school i would ask... how was your day?  the answer...good.  then i would follow up with...anything exciting happen? the answer..not really.  when he would get home after being with friends i would ask...who all was there?  the answer...everyone.  then i would say what did you do?  the answer...just chilled.  so with that being said we decided to ask him a few questions this week...

                                                     just me and hermana                                                  

Do you do your own wash or does someone do it for you? LADIES IN OUR WARD DO IT...BUT SOMETIMES WE HAVE TO AS WELL..

Do you cook your own meals or does someone do it for you? LUNCH IS WITH MEMBERS EVERYTHING ELSE IS US
What kind of food are you eating?TONS OF RICE, TOMATOES, BREAD, SOUP, CHICKEN.

Do you have hot/warm water to shower in or what?HOT UNTIL OUR GAS TANK GOES OUT

Do you walk a lot? everywhere you go or take taxis or ride buses or what? WALK A LOT, IF ITS NOT TOO FAR BUT IF IT IS FAR WE TAKE A COLLECTIVO(TAXI REALLY CHEAP) AND THEN IF IT IS REALLY FAR WE TAKE A BUS.

How big is the city/town that you live in or work in? RENGO IS HUGE! PROBABLY 6 HOURS WALKING FROM END TO END.

Is the weather too hot, too cold, or just right for now? STARTING TO GET REALLY HOT

How is the language coming along? EASY...HARD PART IS UNDERSTANDING.

                                                  christmas devotional

 some things that i have been thinking about and my investigators are struggling with is keeping the sabbath day holy...all my investigators really struggle with coming to seems like a small thing but it really is a commandment of god and we should do everything we can to keep it holy...ha so pray for me to help my investigators see that!! anyways one thing we have been doing is trying to get a lot more help from the ward and it has been working out amazing!! it really does mean so much to us when the ward is involved...try to help the missionaries in your wards as much as possible cuz knocking doors sucks and if you give them references it makes it so much i think i told you guys about the investigator we just happened to keep running into...well the first lesson we had with him was amazing...he accepted the invitation to be baptized and i hope it goes through! he is an amazing guy and really connects with us
so i experienced my first chilean rain and hollay you think it rains hard in the states....try like three times harder here... its insane haha way cool tho...i will definitely need to buy some boots down here...we also had a devotional for christmas and david archuletta sang like ten songs haha...hearing him sing in spanish is tight haha still weird he is in my zone and mission tho see what else...ummm crazy i have been here four weeks now...i cant even understand it haha...hope all you guys are doing well and know that i love you guys..

                                                         tate's whole district

                                                    i am excited to talk to you you

                      Elder harding!!!! 

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