Monday, December 31, 2012


*** so eugene was washed cleaned and full of gas and ready to go to henry's house, but luckily our community of giving people had already given them a van. a van  will much better suit a family of seven.  eugene was one of many vehicles that were ready to be given to the family. what an awesome town for being so charitable to a family in need.  luckily eugene is off on another adventure and has found a new home.***

                                                just an every day sight in chile 

LiStEn... when tate called on christmas i just wanted to hear his voice...i wanted him to keep talking...something about the words he said...i just wanted to listen to him.  he sounded good... the same but different.  he loves his mission and is growing and is learning and is becoming a man.  he is experiencing many new things... seeing stuff... meeting people that are life changing.  listening is something we all need to do more.  we get busy and in a hurry and forget to listen...sometimes the noise or silence makes us nervous or uncomfortable and we talk to ease the awkwardness.  we all need to be still and just listen a little more.

                                  a letter from tate's grade school friend rhett 

 we were having a really rough day and just walking to random houses to contact...when all of a sudden we found ourselves in the RIGHT PLACE AT THE RIGHT TIME. we contacted this house and a man came out and were just conversing for a while when all of a sudden he said...i was actually baptized in your church back with my family...he was a part of the first full family baptism in Rancagua! haha way tight...the part i want to share with you guys is that as we sat there and talked about his life with him. we could tell it wasn't easy... he has been out of work for a long time and he pretty much told me his life story... this may not seem like a huge story or anything really cool...but the moral that i learned was to LISTEN TO PEOPLE. a way we can show our love to others is to just listen to them and i guarantee that as we listen to others and what is important to them...we will feel love for them and want to help them... this week me and elder lowrey have been working on service and charity.....service doesn't always have to be hands on activity...showing love for others and showing interest in their lives can serve them even more than you can imagine!  i do a lot of listening down here... so if you get the chance to listen to matter who they are...listen with an intent to actually care....

                                                                            christmas dinner 

something funny that happened this week is about Elder Layton, another elder who lives with us. he threw up at a members house after eating their gross food hahahah which is really bad because people take food seriously down here and took it pretty offensively hhahah so funny tho...and then they had lunch again with them and he almost did it again hahahah... hope you guys like presents and i loved skyping with you guys!!     love you Elder Harding


  1. Rhett mentioned that he sent a letter to Tate. Glad that he got it!!! Wasn't it great getting to talk to them on Christmas!!!!

    1. hey! yes so fun to talk to cool that rhett wrote to tate...sure miss you!