Monday, January 7, 2013


fOrGiVeNeSs... unless we extend forgiveness to others, our lives may be poisoned by anger and hard feelings. past hurts can magnify as they accumulate, and once-loving relationships can become damaged almost beyond repair. forgiving someone that has hurt or offended  is probably one of the hardest things to do. we all have had experiences when this has happened to us.    there was a man named malcolm tent who began putting a rock in his pocket every time someone did something to anger or annoy him. the rock served to remind him of the incident and make sure he didn’t forget to stay angry at the person responsible.
malcolm’s collection of reminder rocks soon spilled out of his pockets and throughout his house. the rocks, symbols of his negative feelings toward others, came to dominate his entire life.
  tate shares the following thoughts on forgiving others...
the thing that i kinda took away a lot this week was about forgiving others.... i think back at how many times i got mad at someone, or how many times i could have been nicer to someone, or how many times i took offense to something so little...when all i could have done was realized that it is not worth it.. i challenge all of us including me to when you have hard feelings towards someone, or someone has wronged you or you feel hurt....FIND A WAY TO SERVE THEM! even if they have offended you. i promise you that if you always look for a way to serve the people you need to forgive or just serve will find love in there somewhere...service can be little as saying hi to someone in the store or having a conversation with someone about their life...anything can make a difference in someones day!
                                    tate's zone...he is the tall white boy in the back

okay so here we go...gosh i feel like i was just writing you!!  so this week in the mission me and elder lowrey started fasting every three days!  you might think i am crazy but i honestly like it ...its hard but when you actually fast for a reason you feel so good after...we are fasting to find a family with members in the family in every single organization in the church to baptize... sounds hard huh? but i have faith we will find them...
                                                              just a little itty bitty spider
 also this week we had three people start to cry when we taught was when we taught the plan of salvation...she just started crying because she had some family issues earlier in her life...another was a inactive lady who just wanted to change and we happened to randomly, once again, contact her house after passing like twenty houses before ...and the others dad is in the hospital and we were able to show him the plan of salvation pamphlet and help him out...super cool experiences...also one of the other gringo elders in my house left he is now with elder archuletta haha tight huh!? anyways...another cool thing is they told me i could be training by march...hollay crazy...sounds so soon but really they are going to need it because of how many missionaries are coming in i am actually really excited about that!

 as well as we met a drunk guy who told us he was the guy who killed osama bin laden hahah and another guy who claimed to see aliens on a hill in chile and has a video and pictures to back it up...pretty interesting week .
 love you guys!!! 

Elder Harding! 

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