Monday, January 28, 2013


decisions...we make them every day...some small...some big...some life changing...some not.  the decisions that we make in our lives are ours to make.  some decisions take days, weeks or months to make.  some decisions are made on the spot with out much thought.  with every decision that we make there are consequences that follow.  some consequences are immediate while others take time.  the consequences of decisions that we make help us to grow.  we learn from our choices.  some of the decisions we make must be made with faith.  it is the decisions that we make with prayer and faith that will make us the person we are today.  the following is tate's experience...
                                                                    the call

i was thinking the other day about the decisions in our lives....and i realized that i made the best decision of my life to serve this mission... i remember the time when i was thinking of playing baseball instead and other things as well...but i remember the day i told myself...i am going to serve a mission first....then i got a call from my dream school. yeah it might seem corny...but i know the lord was waiting for me to choose to serve before he blessed me...he was waiting for me to make the decision to serve him for two years so that i can use my talents that he gave me for four years playing. i am so grateful for the decisions we have to make in our lives...they truly define who we are and who we will become...


soooooooooooo holy bradford is gettin baptized...tell the kid i love him for me!!

                     tate, bradford, tanner, cory

SO THIS week was pretty nutz... we were all a little bit sick...lets just say we couldn,t keep a lot of food in us hahah we think we ate something bad or something ...but anyways... tuesday was really cool we had a special training with the president and that was awesome to have a whole day of learning with him...then wednesday we had an amazing experience...we couldn't find a single person to we decided to pray in the middle of the street....the next house we contacted let us in and told us they have been waiting for the elders to come had been 5 years since they had been taught the lessons and they were missing it...they used to have baptism dates and everything! holy power of prayer! i was grateful for the lords help on that one! also something pretty insane went down yesterday....we were resting in our house after sacrament because we weren't feeling that well...when all of a sudden we looked out the window to see smoke everywhere! there was a huge fire in the town center so our adrenaline went sky rocketing and so we decided to go help...we got there and it was insane... we helped over 5 stores take every single thing of merchandise out of their stores so it wouldn't burn....then when we left our adrenaline went down and we all felt horrible again  even worse...elder page was throwing up and it just wasn't pretty...

i love all of you guys and hope you know i am doing fine... just a couple questions..

which accounts is my money in, checking or credit? 
as well as who misses me the most? hahah jk

love you to you next week!! 
Elder Harding

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