Monday, January 21, 2013

a MisSiOnArY jUsT KnOwS...

a MisSiOnArY jUsT KnOwS..  on saturday greg and i headed to wingers for a late lunch.  we walked in and were seated and immediately i noticed two missionaries across the room at another table.  before i could tell greg my plan to pay for their meal...he looked at me as if knowing what i was going to say.  greg nodded at me and told me that he knew what i was thinking and yes he would pay for their meal.  i guess he knows me too well!  we ordered our meal and were just getting ready to tell our waiter that we would pay for the two missionaries lunches when in walked three more missionaries...the look on greg's face was priceless and i could see the numbers racing through his head.  hahaha he was a good sport and we enjoyed our lunch and ended up paying for five missionaries to eat lunch.  as we were getting ready to leave one of the missionaries came over and touched my arm to get my attention.  he said thank you for our meal.  i looked at him and asked him how he knew...he looked back at me and said that he was a missionary and a missionary just knows.  i told them that i had a missionary in chile and that hopefully someone would buy his lunch one day and then i told them to be sure to tell their moms that they loved them.

                                                        lunch at wingers

okay so here starts the real you can see i am pretty happy today. i am not really sure why. but that is a good thing right? anyways this week was super hard. i love both my companions but the two gringos in the house, me and elder page, are trying to help elder flores. he is really bad on getting out of the house on time so we will see how that goes. but okay so this week with my investigators it started horrible. i went to one of my investigators houses, andres is his name, and he came out with a book of mormon in hand and a pamphlet. i was thinking wow he is ready to learn...only to find out that his spouse doesn't want him to learn anymore...i was devastated...i have never been that sad over an investigator before...i truly did love that 60 yr old man who had a love for the book of that pretty much ruined my day  but other than that my other investigators are okay. i have one named rosa who is doing awesome and i love teaching her...she will get baptized the 16th of february. so pray for me to be able to help her ...also its just super stressful right now in my sector because we are a trio and have a lot of stuff to do and its  hard but its really good for me and i have learned a ton!! so my spanish is going really well. obviously not perfect or fluent yet but for only having 5 months in the mission i am doing amazing ...i love it...being able to speak two languages is the coolest...

                                           tate eating out with the missionaries
so mom i got a letter from (kelsey belnap) and her family for christmas.... so tell them hi and thank you...also something funny is my comp that is bolivian likes rice more than me....and that is saying something... he eats rice for breakfast lunch and joke...but really funny too...

                                        the missionaries outside the church

one thing that really hit me hard this week is the law of consecration... i know that if we give everything we have to the lord and trust in him...he will make our lives ten times more than we could have made them. also this week i have really had to be patient! patience is a hard thing to have out here...but i hope we can all learn to be a little more patient in everything we do.. because the Lord promises us when we are patient in our sufferings and trials...he will lift us up...sometimes the lord puts us he can lift us up...

                       more missionaries

 well i love you guys and that is all i got for this week. i can't believe how fast this has gone already...i love you and hope you know i am doing good. don't worry about me...peace out BEEZYS!!!!!!!!!!  love you guys!!!! 

elder harding.......the favorite son


  1. I enjoy reading Tate's e-mails .... I copy them and mail them off via snail mail to Rachael so she can read and enjoy them. She mentioned in her e-mail today how reading Tate's e-mails help her! Thanks for your comments too Tammy. Being a missionary Mom is the best, truly it is

  2. It was so fun to catch up on your blog tonight! Made me both cry and laugh! What an awesome missionary! So impressed with you guys as well. Isn't it amazing how the spirit is so close to us or at least we recognize it a little bit more while our missionaries are out! Bless you for taking care of others here while Tate is taking care of others in Chili! Thanks again for sharing! Sylvia