Monday, February 4, 2013

what a mom knows....

what a mom knows.... as my kids were growing up and once they reached a certain age i soon came to the conclusion that i could not protect them or shelter them from every little thing.  as a mom i want to think that my children were and are perfect but logically i know this is not the case.

                       tate and elder page in santiago

  i am sure there are many things that they did when they were with friends that i don't know about.  i always told them as they left to ...REMEMBER WHO THEY WERE AND TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT and if they got in trouble or put in jail for some mischief to not call me :).  as for tyson...   i am not sure what i thought was happening maybe a good game of  kick the can?    taryn was so worried about getting in trouble i am not sure there are any crazy stories about her.  she did text me one night around 2:00 in the morning and told me that she and her friends were sneaking out.  i responded back that technically this did not count as sneaking out because she was telling me before hand.  what a silly girl!

                                                      tate, elder page and elder
                                    flores getting a ride in the 
                                     back of a meat truck

on the other hand mischief  seemed to find tate or maybe it was tate seemed to find mischief.  i am sure there are many events that he is saving to tell me about after his mission.  i think the one incident that stands out in my mind the most is...POOP IN A BAG ON FIRE incident. although this episode with seven of his friends now has some humor in it i am sure that at the time i did not find any!   this brings me to this saturday....  greg and i attended the baptism of one of tate's friends (one of the poop gang).  as i sat in the chapel and looked around at  the many people that were there to support bradford.  i was happy to see  almost all of the parents who's boys were involved in the POOP IN A BAG ON FIRE incident.  out of eight boys that were involved 5 are on missions...1 has his call and is waiting to leave...1 is preparing to go...and 1 had just gotten baptized.  the ELITE EIGHT as they became known...not bad boys not bad at all!
                                                        Bradford's at his baptism

this is tate's message to bradford...message for... bradford! FERD!!! dude i want you to know that i am so proud of you...i love you man and am so glad you made the decision to get truly is an amazing blessing for us to have this knowledge in our lives that the church of Jesus Christ is on the earth today! i love you man and can't wait to see you when i get back. i hope you know you will always be one of my best friends man! you are my brother and am so happy for you. oh and light some poop on fire for me please in honor of the elite 8. love you man.

                                       a family home evening to
                                       say good bye to elder florez

okay so this week my investigator that will get baptized finally quit smoking!!! Heavenly Father blessed me on this one ...and she also told me that she wants her daughter to get baptized with her!! how cool is that! so on the 16th of feb i will have my first two baptisms....i'm excited! but she is amazing and the funny part about it is that I LEARN SOMETHING FROM HER every time i teach her. which sounds weird but its so true! i learn more from her daily...she is an awesome example to me! . but this week was just another really hard week being in the trio.....but i have some really cool news about me and elder canche... i am really excited to be able to teach other missionaries because i know in the end i will end up learning more about myself! everyone keeps telling me i will be training by next change and i hope so...i think it wouldl be so freaking fun.  i finally got some christmas cards from grandma kunz, and from the bickleys! tell them both thanks and that i miss them and love them all! also we ran out of gas for our hot water in the house so we took cold showers all this week hahahaha no one wanted to pay for a new gas tank so we just suffered for a while hahahahah its actually not too bad! ty can explain the gas tank thing cuz he had to do it in mexico too! ....but this next change should be way good. we should  have some really good success  and elder canche and i have already become amazing friends. he is such a little ball of chunk hahahah wait til you see a picture!! hahahahha i love it! 

 i am really starting to get a hold of the language and i am doing amazing....i love you and thank you for your prayers...i can feel them helping me every single day! love you guys....

tate's new address:

Eduardo Melero 883
Region Lib. Bernardo O' higgins
Rancagua Chile
Casilla 2-c

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