Monday, February 25, 2013

aNd hE iS mY bRotHeR...

aNd hE iS mY bRotHeR.. when tate was born tyson was 6yrs. old.  we lived in a small house with just three bedrooms and so that meant that tyson and tate had to share a room.  they shared that room until tyson was a senior and we moved to our current home.  when tyson left on his mission tate was a scrawny almost seventh grader with curly blonde hair.  when tyson returned tate was a tall skinny freshman with longer blonder curlier hair.  i remember the talk that tate gave at church when tyson got home from his mission. he talked about how excited he was to finally be able to wear tyson's shoes.  he went on to say that there were still some pretty big shoes left to fill and those were the shoes of being a missionary.  now tate is on a mission and has stepped into the shoes of being a missionary.  the rolls are reversed and now tyson is wearing tate's shoes from his closet...

this week i want to wish my brother a happy birthday....i want to say thanks for the example he always was for me in my life....when we were younger we shared a room. i don't know if he realized it but i watched every move he made. we had a huge age difference but he truly was an example to me. if i was scared in the night he would always wake up and tell me that he was there and it was okay, i always wanted to be around him and his friends and he always had patience with me and let me watch him and his friends play halo all night. when he left on his mission i bawled like a baby at the mtc. when he got back he was one of my biggest fans and best friends to this day, i want to say thank you for the person you are in my life. the perfect example of how to be a good brother, son, friend, and father. you truly do mean the world to me and i want to wish you a happy birthday. you're getting old dude!!!  but that's okay because so am i!! love you man

me and the sister missionaries as well as a member in our ward..

OKAY SO this week went by really was a really good week and a good week with all our investigators....we are teaching a family of five and i will try and get a picture of them for next week! so stay tuned....every time they pray i literally want to cry....they say the most humbling things in their prayers about us and how they hope we never stop coming because they love that their family can be together and listen about Christ....its literally so humbling...this family truly will get blessings through the gospel... also this week we ate lasagna! and it reminded me of home  so much!!! it was pretty good...not as good as moms.
                      us walking in chile eating wild blackberries!!  livin the life 

well here is the excerpt from the message we got from president.... On top of that, President MacArthur writes, “A new mission will be created in Chile. It will be called the Chile Santiago South Mission and will be formed from parts of the Santiago West, Rancagua, Chile Concepción, and Chile Concepción South Missions…they have not told us more than that. I recommend that we keep working every moment for Brother Gomez and this Saturday they are going to tell us more about the changes in the limits of every mission. These changes will not be made until the new President comes. Everything will go well and I will let you know the very minute that I know something more. I love you a lot. President MacArthur

me and elder canche doing our thing

this is the message we got from president and this is all we know of as of now....lets just say in four months i might not be in the same mission or i could be in the same mission  a lot of things could happen....but for now this is all i will be crazy....i literally could have a new mission totally....or maybe stay in the same one.... we will just see what happens....i'm hoping to stay in the same one... more farmland in the one i am in now and i like that... but yeah  its pretty crazy how the lord is hastening his stay tuned for that as well...  i'm kinda nervous!  we literally walk dirt roads and eat blackberries that grow wild on the road all day. its amazing out here.... but one thing i have been noticing a lot lately in my mission is that god works miracles in my life daily....maybe little....maybe small...but sometimes we take these miracles for granted and give ourselves the credit when really it was our Heavenly Father....i would challenge all of us to look at every detail in our lives and think about whether we made it happen....or whether god made it happen.... i guarantee that god gives us a lot more than we give him credit....i heard a quote once.... the details of our life....are the molecules of eternity....we should always remember that god truly does give us miracles daily in our lives and to always thank him for those..

i love you guys and have a good week   elder harding! 

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