Monday, February 11, 2013

tate's dad

tate's dad...


being tate's dad came easy...for greg it is a pleasure.  being a dad for greg meant setting boundaries...high expectations...high goals...holding tate accountable...and following rules. he focused on the positives. there were not many of the following... you are grounded...spankings...sent to your rooms or privileges being taking away. although there may have been a few...what did your mother say? situations.  greg was a night owl and so this allowed for him to be up when the tate got home late.  he would take this opportunity to visit...give advice...hear the gossip...and listen.  greg enjoyed having tate's friends around... he called them by their names...ferd, tan the main, big, watt, the wolf pack, and any others he could slip in.  he would throw in a song lyric just to be cool when he got  the chance. because really he is cool.  greg loved watching tate play ball and loved to share a story about tate to who ever would listen.  tate's senior year he got to travel with tate as he played baseball on a travel team.  this was one of his most treasured memories.  one day i told tate and greg that i felt bad that i was not able to go with them...they both chuckled and told me that it was okay because really i wasn't was just a guy thing. the following are tate's thoughts on his dad...

   i just kinda wanted to kinda say thanks to dad as it is close to his birthday! i'm sure we are all grateful for dad and the sacrifices he makes for our family. we all know he would be willing to do whatever it takes to make our family happy. maybe it would take a little talking him into it or a little bribing or a little of moms help behind the curtains but for some reason he always comes through. i am thankful for a dad who was the perfect example of how to work hard all of your life, who was the most honest man i have ever met, who supported us more than any other person in every single event in our lives and loved to tell other people about his kids. dad i hope you have the best birthday every because i know without you...we would all not be the same people we are today! i know i look back and always remember you being there for me every step of the way! pushing me to do my best and to be the best i could because you saw what i could become. lets just say we have the best dad in the world family. because it is 100% true. no doubt in my mind that heavenly father is happy with the work you have done in your house with your family. i love you dad and i am pretty sure on behalf of everyone WE LOVE YOU MORE THAN YOU KNOW! have a good birthday! 

OKAY so this week started off really fun just because i got elder canche my new comp and i was kinda showing him around and all that stuff so it was a really fun week but very stressfull as well just cuz we are both district leaders and it is a lot of work and responsibility. he is a really funny kid and we will be working really hard together. i have been hearing that i could be training this next change so i guess we will see...missionaries always talk tho so i guess we will see. so this week an elder in my zone arrived who is a cousin of the ferros in pocatello. not sure which ferros but he went to rocky mountain high school and he knows all those kids from boise that i played with so that was fun

Soo some cool things we did this week was make jam with my investigator! haha so that reminded me of grandma judy!! haha ....but other than that it was just a regular week! went by so freaking fast and i cant believe it! i love you all and hope you are well!! talk to you next week!  

Elder harding 

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