Monday, February 18, 2013

trials can make us stronger

trials can make us stronger...we all have trials...some big...some small.  it is what we take from these trials and learn from them that makes us the person that we are today.  bad things happen to good people that leads us to wonder why? it is not our place to question but to go on with faith.  when we rise above our trials we are better stronger and wiser.

 this is tate's message on trials...

  huge lesson i learned this week is that COMPARED TO GOD WE ARE NOTHING....BUT FOR GOD WE ARE EVERYTHING. I learned that we need to be willing to live by his will. give thanks to him for our blessings. thank him for our trials that make us stronger. everything is from god and everything is for a reason. i am grateful for the things that have happened in my life that make me even stronger today! those trials and challenges in my life are  what made me who i am today...and i owe it all to god and his plan for us 

Hey family!! and friends!! this week flown by again and it kinda makes me sad....oh and before i forget tyson you can wear my shoes i don't have a problem with long as dad plans on reimbursing me :) this week started off kinda frustrating....but a cool thing that we did this week is that we did divisions with the zone leaders...which if you remember my zone leader is my trainer haha so i got to work with him for a day again....that was way fun....i miss that kid! one of my best friends ...but we had a really good week.

 we have seven people with a baptismal date for march 16th. 5 of them are a family who lost their dad a few years back and have been struggling ever since...amazing to be able to teach them that through the plan of salvation they can live with their dad again and forever! we showed up at their house and the girl came out and said WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU GUYS!! haha i got chills.

 all five of them were sitting their listening and loving every second of the lesson. i am grateful for god for preparing them to hear our message...amazing experience for me. also this week we had my first two baptisms!!! woo!!! haha coolest feeling ever to be down in the water with them and help them make this covenant with god!  get better mom and tell everyone hi and i love them! i am doing fine!! 

love you guys!! elder harding

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