Monday, March 4, 2013

YoU GoTtA sHoW sOmE LoVe...

YoU GoTtA sHoW sOmE LoVe... ever since tate was a baby he has had a happy-go-lucky personality.  he has always been very easy going who never liked conflict or arguments. (maybe not so much in the morning first thing but after ten he was golden.)  he was quick to give a hug or say i love you.  when he got older he tried to be tough but underneath he was just a big ole teddy bear.  when tate was a senior we had two of my students come and live with us for 3 months.  their younger brother was at primary children's hospital with a brain tumor.  when i think back on it tate never complained.  he was patient with the girls when he really didn't have to be.  when they made pictures or bracelets or teased him he took it all in stride.  he was compassionate to them and treated them with love.  tate truly cares about others.  he has many nieces and nephews who look up to him and he has always been so kind and loving to them.  he especially has a soft spot for his two nieces hazyl and hattie.  they melt his heart!  one day tate will make a wonderful husband and father because he truly knows how to love.

we had stake conference this week but it was a broadcast from salt lake... President Monson talked about loving others...that is definitely something that i have to love my family to love my investigators, the members, my savior, my is everything....i hope we can all learn to love our lives and love everything in them as well...i promise that if we learn to love everyone and everything in our lives we will be happier!! LOVE IT OR LEARN TO LOVE IT! do like the savior would do.

but we are having a lot of success in our sector...we have 9 people with baptismal dates and they are all awesome...i'm hoping to stay here in rengo for one more change to see these investigators through but changes are the next monday so we will see...i have been here a while!! the family we are teaching read 20 chapters in the book of mormon in 3 days ...holy they are awesome.. i can't wait to see them get baptized!! also i had another interview with president...he told me that i will have a lot of leadership skills and will be a good leader in the mission...little pressure but i always did like that. i am excited to see what my mission has in store for me! i love it out here. every day is a new adventure... i am having a lot of fun with my companion and we are always laughing!! 

i really do miss you guys a lot! hope you are doing the way my english just sucks...i had that interview with pres and i couldn't even talk to him normally. happy bday tyson...i think it is today or tomorrow... i lose track of the days out here! but just know i am doing good!! love the pics and i love you guys...

love elder harding!!

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