Monday, March 18, 2013


cHaNgE...tate likes routine...he likes things to stay the follow the schedule.  he likes orbit sweet mint gum...he likes white chocolate...he likes tags cut out of his shirts...his socks have to be soft...he piles his pillows in a certain way each night...he is a creature of habit.  on game day he had a routine...certain socks to be worn...certain music to be listened to...certain bat to be used ...the boy knows what he likes.  so last week tate got a transfer to a different area...change

                                                     tate's new companion elder hart

i was used to all of of farms and fields in rancagua  and up here its just city type stuff! i like the fields and farmland better but whatever happens happens for a reason! i will be grateful either way! soooooo i talked to the secretary the other day and he told me that he thinks i will make it back down south before the mission change happens. so that gave me hope to be able to  stay in the chile rancagua misison. i like my new area  tho its a new adventure!

                                                   6 months burning of the tie

 this week was super exciting! me and my comp are getting a long great!  we are trying to start this ward up again because it is straight up sad... we had only 32 people in church yesterday and that was a good day! our bishop is stoked to have two new elders in his ward and the whole ward wants to work with us like crazy!  they all love us already and i have had a lot of fun so far! its different up here.  we already have two baptisms set up for the 13th of april! they are two teenage girls and they are awesome! we are also trying to find a lot of new people as well! this part of our mission is really hard at least that is what  people like to say but  elder hart and i want to prove people wrong and show them that its not hard at all! all you have to do is work hard.   this week i really have learned to rely on the lord in everything because we have absolutely nothing here and are starting from scratch! i have learned that if we trust in him he really will work miracles in our lives!

                                                                doing our thing

 i am grateful for a savior who knows exactly how i feel and can help me through it!  i love you guys! ...i'm doing good and i hope you are too!!

Elder harding! 

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