Thursday, March 28, 2013

My UnClE...mY hErO...

My UnClE...mY hErO..

tuesday night, march 26th 2013, after an amazing day in the mission, i received a call from my mission president. the call came at about eleven o clock pm and when i saw presidents name on the cell phone screen i immediately answered..."elder harding...i got a call from your brother today and i have some very sad news for you," for the next 20 minutes i was speechless as he explained to me that my uncle travis john kunz had passed away from a blood clot after surgery on his leg. when i hung up the phone, i found myself sitting there in pure silence. i didn't know what to think, do, or say. tears came to my eyes as i remembered an uncle who was a perfect example to me growing up. tears came to my eyes as i thought of all those times he was at my games and tournaments. and always had some advice for me on how to improve. tears came to my eyes as i remembered an uncle who didn't need a huge elaborate family reunion, but to just spend a weekend with his family was more than enough. tears came to my eyes as i thought of an uncle who always remembered what was important in life. i started thinking about all the people he has affected and not just me. two parents who raised an amazing son. 3 siblings and their spouses who loved getting teased and annoyed by the little brother of the family. a wife who most likely saw miracles within their family through this mans faith and love for his savior. 4 kids who will never forget the things their dad taught them. all his nieces and nephews who will always remember the bearded uncle who loved to do anything with them. friends and neighbors who truly understand how great of a man he is and always watched his i thought about all these people...i realized that this man was a miracle for all of us. he left behind a legacy to carry on and a group of family and friends who will live it. i am grateful for the countless number of things that this man did for me and the things he did to make me who i am today. tears came to my eyes, as i sat at my desk in chile, and i could still feel his presence in my life, his influence in my life, and his love in my life. tears came to my eyes as i realized that he will not be forgotten. that it is impossible to forget this man and what he did. tears came to my eyes as i knew his legacy would live on and that it would live on through us...the very people he loved most. those tears of sadness turned into tears of gratefulness for a man who showed us a way to live life better. i love you travis john kunz and i know your legacy will live on through us. 

from one JOHN to another JOHN, 

elder tate john harding

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  1. What a sweet letter from Tate! Made me cry. I was so touched by the beautiful way he talked about his Uncle Travis. I could really feel his love for him and it was awesome! Thanks so much for sharing! Love you all and you are in our thoughts and prayers each day! Love ya, Sylvia