Monday, March 11, 2013

sIx MoNtHs...

sIx MoNtHs...has it really been that long? the weeks have flown by...but seems forever since we have seen him.  the day we took him to the mtc was an emotional day for all of us.  excitement filled the air along with fear, sadness, happiness and love.  i being the mom was of course and emotional wreck while trying to keep my brave and happy face on.  as we drove up to the sidewalk to the mtc and tate got out of the car my heart was full.  he got out and took his luggage from the trunk and gave his dad this big bear hug.  my tears began there and continued as he hugged me and started to walk away.  he turned and gave a goodbye wave. 

 this time of year in the past has always been our favorite...the beginning of baseball season.  greg and i are a little unsure of what to do with our spare time this year.  this season will be different for us but we are so very thankful for a son who is willing to serve his Heavenly Father and put his love of baseball on hold.  who knows greg and i  may be found at a baseball field cheering on the team.

sundays paper mentions tate

 i am grateful to have been blessed with talents from my Heavenly Father and for coaches who helped me along the way. 

the glove on his shelf

 tomorrow i complete six months out here in the mission.... hollay a fourth of the way done....where did the time go? i cant even believe it! 

so this sector is totally different! it's in the city and no fields  at all!  my sector literally consists of 15 streets! it's the smallest sector in my mission! we are in a whitewash which means that we are both new to the sector and have no idea about anything!  tight huh? well this week was a hard one... i had to leave rengo my home for the past four months and i bawled like a baby when they threw a going away party was so freaking hard! i am so grateful for that opportunity to be able to serve in rengo chile for four months and meet all those people. i know that was a part of gods plan for me and i learned more than i ever thought was possible. we had a cool experience the other day....every single one of our lessons fell through...i know you are thinking how is that a cool experience? ....but just as we were about to give up we decided to give it one last try....we ended up finding 3 families who were genuinely interested....might seem like a small thing to you guys but to us it was a miracle....i have a testimony of faith through trials. i know that god gives us trials in our lives only to make us stronger and when we show our faith in him...that is when we grow in this life. hopefully we can learn to push through our trials instead of just complain or give up! he is always there to help us all we have to do is believe and SHOW him we believe! faith is a principle of action! 
 anyways i also want to wish grandpa kunz a happy birthday! thanks for always being a good example to our family on how to really work hard your whole life and always put your family first! love you gpa!
 so i didn't have time to send pictures this week! but i will try to send pictures next week. it was a little hectic today with changes and all! but i love you all and hope you are all doing well...i  love you and miss you more than you know but just know i am doing well and that god needs me here! love you

elder harding! 

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