Monday, November 26, 2012

bE tHou HuMbLe...

bE tHou HuMbLe... as our family cooked thanksgiving dinner and served around 80 or so people at the salvation army one word seemed to describe our experience...humbling.  as tate continues to write home from chile this word is used to express  his thoughts and and his mission.  our family has always been blessed to know that our needs would be met. tate always has had the comfort of knowing if there was something he needed for school or sports we would find a way that that need was met.  he is now living in a very small and humble apartment and is experiencing a new way of life.  he often writes to his family that he hopes we know how truly blessed we are...

holy week three down!! insane! haha it goes by so fast i don't even know where to start! i love it down here tho!  love you guys...thats all i got this week! laters............................... hahah jk jk! okay so first i will talk about whats going on in the mission. then random things. then what i would like haha...umm so our investigators are being really difficult right now and not really showing up to appointmets or they are never home so it sucks. definitely a humbling week! we had no luck with contacting either but all is well! i 'm hanging in there....some pretty sad stuff happens down here...a lot of teenage pregnancies and one guy in our ward had his wife just get up and leave with his kids...sad stuff...but we should be having a baptism here in a week! it is a girl named andrea.  she is way cool just is always busy but i think she will get baptized this saturday! i am really stoked. it looks like the serving dinner thing went amazing. i am glad you guys did that! that is amazing...i see people that could use that every single day down here but everyone seems to be that poor! so humbling. one thing i wanted to challenge you  to do is go to the temple more. and do family history work. i never really saw the importance of it until now. but it truly is important. so maybe make some goals to go like once a month or something! it would be worth it i promise! love you guys oh i also had my first earthquake! woo!!! haha weirdest thing ever! the ground just rolls like water! anyways. we run out of money fast so sometimes i need to use my own to pay for rides cuz our area is HUGE. so if it looks like i'm taking money out. its to help us get around and find people but other than that i am good to go! love you guys and know i am working hard and thinking about you! love you. look for my package... i will try to label things to who they are for! 

love elder harding

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