Tuesday, November 13, 2012

ThE pLaNe HaS lAnDeD...

tHe PlAnE hAs LaNdEd

Hello family! i am in chile safe and sound and i freaking love it...my trainer is the coolest. i will get a pic of him later but for now i just have pics of my house so far! haha its so small...this is the most humbling thing i have ever done...my trainer told me that everyone will just stare at me and stuff because i have pretty hair and pretty eyes to them cuz all they ever see is brown brown brown. but i am doing well...besides the plane rides i loved it. i was sick the whole ride andd couldn't sleep so i am really tired but i  am so excited to get to work. my mission president was really awesome as well! he is a psychiatrist and told me that within ten minutes he can tell how a missionary will be haha sooo he told me he can see i will work hard.  i have my first meeting at 8 tonight! hahaha i cannot understand a single thing these people are saying...they don't pronounce there s´s or their d´s haha so ask ty to try and speak like that...they mumble everything but it will be fun to learn again! my trainer is from california and he is coming up on his year mark...he has told me that we are in one of the best parts...my sector as it is called is called Rango...so if you wanna try and look that up...i will probably be here for 3 months haha. so woo! i love it. 

Elder Harding

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