Monday, November 19, 2012

tHaNkFuL hEaRt...

ThAnKfUl hEaRt...

today at school as i began my third grade group i asked the question what it means to be thankful.  the group discussed what it meant and then we moved on to what they were thankful for.  two boys in the group both stated that they were thankful for a grandma who "lets" them live with her.  it seems both of these boys have fathers in jail and mothers who for what ever reason have abandoned their children.  these grandmas are doing the best that they can with the limited skills and resources that they have.  i too am thankful that these boys have grandmas who give them a home.

this year for thanksgiving my parents and brothers and sister and all of our children are cooking and serving dinner at the local salvation army.  we have been told to expect around 60 people.  this thanksgiving has a new tate writes in his letter "these people think LIFE.... is their greatest blessing.... amazing."
                                              best hot dog ever!!!

hola! como estan la familia Harding. haha holy freaking crap i love this country. i have already learned more in the past week than i think i ever would have back home! okay so first off my companino and i get along amazing. he is from california and has an amazing story. he used to live in sweden. then his family moved to california. then they found out that his dad had a secret family that no one knew about. after that obviously his parents got divorced and stuff but both got remarried. he is pretty old i think but it doesn't really matter because we are both out for the same purpose. so he came on a mission and about two months ago his mom got diagnosed with a disease and gave her 8 months to live. he stayed out here. 

                                                                          tate's companion

amazing huh. talk about sacrifice. that was definitely a lesson i needed to learn. he literally will be one of my best friends. he gets to call his mom once a week but still. way hard. anyways. this country humbles me daily. i see people who have absolutely nothing but would give you the shirt off of their back if you asked for it. even if they don't know you. i hope all of you know how blessed we are in the states because these people think LIFE. is their greatest blessing. amazing. haha so very funny down here because everyone thinks i am really pretty. just because i have blue eyes and blonde hair. they all just smile at me like i am an alien haha. crazy... but i don't mind. they also think i look like the hulk, superman, johnny bravo, or the dad off of the incredibles movie hahaha. killin me.

                                                                               pretty boy????

 oh so i finally met david archuletta haha he is in my zone so that is cool. he is the most shy and humble kid i have ever met. hah its quite funny! really cool to see him tho that is for sure! so how about i am huge down here. nothing is meant for someone of my size. the shower is small. the toilet is small. EVERYTHING IS SMALL!  hah oh well! so i found out also that i will be able to skype on christmas and mothers day i think. so that is cool!

                                                 tate's desk

also i have been forced to drink pop for two years. because that is all they serve down here. and if you don't accept it they get mad. they don't even have bottled water down here. all the water bottles even have carbonation! haha its so weird! it will be ok tho. so mom i will have to take pics but a member family in my sector makes things with wood by hand and i KNOW you would love i will take some pics and see if you want anything. its insane workmanship. coolest stuff ever. dad one of the elders i live with is from bolivia and makes food all the time...ILOVEIT!
                                                                             just some art work
umm the food is amazing! i am loving every single thing about it down here. the hardest thing and the most tiring thing i have ever done but i am always happy. it is so weird. oh and don't worry i have like 3 moms down here. the moms in the ward take care of us like its there own son so don't worry mom! haha other than that our investigators are doing well and i have already had a couple new fechas or in other words i have invited people to be baptized. i love it. i truly do and it is going by so fast i can't even explain.

and that is about it!   

i am doing well and love you all! 

don't worry about me! 


Elder Harding! 

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