Wednesday, March 19, 2014

driving and singing with elder archuleta...

driving and singing with elder archuleta...

when tate first got his mission call he had a plan.  he had heard that elder david archuletta was also serving a mission in rancagua chile.  tate's plan was somehow to become companions with him and then video both of them singing happy birthday.  tate then thought it would be oh so cool to send this video to girls back home on their birthdays.  he thought this would somehow be better than just tate singing to them.  well obviously this plan never materialized. i asked tate if he sang in the car with elder archuletta and tate said, "you bet i did!"

tate's message...

Thursday was a driving day. We woke up and headed straight to pick up elder archuletta and his companion to take them to curico so they can rehearse for a devotional we are going to have. Driving wears me out but my comp cant drive so I just have to suck it up. But it went pretty well. He sings really good by the way if you didn’t know.

 Sunday was an amazing day. We had a really good church meeting and I learned a ton. We had a really good class on faith and the atonement… it was cool to learn that as we ask for forgiveness we also need to ask for strength to help us not do it again. It’s amazing how we can just ask for help and we get it. It’s that easy. 

Then we stayed after church and 3 people got baptized and practically the whole ward stayed so it was way fun and spiritual. After we all stayed even longer and ate together. It was a pretty long day in the church but we headed out after that to go to president’s house to have a meeting with him. It was a really long meeting and we left really tired and worn out. Got home. Elder godoy made us all rice, chicken and tortilla. It was good to just hang out and relax after a long day.

 Monday was a really really long day in the office. We had to do divisions because my comp had to go to the dentist again. So I stayed with elder mcgee and peñuñuri in the office. It was all the other missionaries’ pday so we just had to stay in the office all day helping them with all their problems. And then when my comp got back we had to go straight to a meeting with president. It was another long meeting but we made it through with the help of Hermana warnes chocolate chip cookies. Then we got home. And headed to bed. 

Tuesday we started the day with special changes in the morning… we had to move 4 hermanas from the north of the mission to the south of the mission with all their suitcases. Girls have a lot of stuff by the way. It took a while but then we ate the most amazing empanadas I have ever had. It was practically a roast beef empanada… but it was seasoned amazingly! They call them empanadas de carne machada. (you should look those up and try them). Unreal.

 Wednesday was a long day ha! We did divisions and we were practically in the street all day long. I went with elder hill (cousin to the pearsons prom poky). It was a good time but man we had a rough day. We had this one guy who came to a lesson with us tho and he was like 90 years old but was the coolest old guy I have ever met and his testimony was rock solid. He goes out with the missionaries almost every day.

 So that shows that if a 90 year old man can leave with the missionaries and help them out and give them references….THAN ANYONE CAN!!! help them out. They really do need it…I promise you that. Also that night I tried a butt sandwich… haha they sell them here in the streets and practically it is a sandwich of meat made from big butt…. Hahaha. Weird but not too bad actually. Wouldn’t do it again that’s for sure. 

 Thursday was a driving day. We got home and went straight to eat a really late lunch. And then it was an office day to finish it out. Doing a bunch of little busy work. drove elder archuletta to his practice.

 Friday was a traveling day as well and and we had to pick up tons of missionaries to go to the devotional. I drove for like 8 hours total and I was pretty beat…but the devotional was incredible. It was themed on the life of Christ and ever song was based on a part of his life….his birth…his life…the atonement…etc… it really was amazing and made me think of the importance of Christ in our lives.

 This week I just wanted to challenge you guys to do something…. I want to challenge you to think about WHO CHRIST IS FOR YOU… I challenge you to write it down and save it somewhere where you can read it and add to it frequently… I know that Christ is the living son of god…that not only did he die for us…but he lives for us… these past two weeks have been all about Christ for some reason. Everything I have learned has been about him and it has been an awesome week. “Each of us is an innkeeper who decides if there is room for Jesus!”. We need to let him into our lives more and more. That is 
my goal.

 Saturday we ran by the beach again and then we had to do a special change for a sister that is going home so not much happned!! Love you guys!! Chao! 

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