Monday, March 31, 2014

god provides a way...

god provides a way...  life throws us curves.  sometimes out of no where we are hit with a trial...something we were not expecting.  i have learned this past year that we must keep going in faith.  we must have faith in our heavenly father and know without a doubt that he knows us and loves us.  we learn and we grow and we push on.

tate's message...

The one thing I learned this week I think was that GOD PROVIDES A WAY. It doesn’t matter what kind of trial or how hard it may seem….he provides… this week I felt like I had way too much to do and I wasn’t going to be able to do it but somehow someway it just got done. And everything turned out fine. So trust in god. Don’t worry about the little things. And just go through life knowing that god will provide for your needs. And if you don’t get what you think you need….then obviously god knew you could go without it or it wasn’t that necessary…sometimes we like to think we know what is best for us but in reality we just need to realize that god is the one who knows what is best for us.

 Sunday started off really chill. We were practically in the office all day and then we had a meeting with president….and then we were back in the office getting everything ready for all the other missionaries who had pday. They always come by the office and stuff so we just have to prepare a little.

 Monday was a crazy day. We started by going to the dentist to fixed my chipped tooth ha! I took some pictures with this guy… he actually did a really good job and my tooth looks brand new so no worries there…we got back…ate some sushi for lunch and then we had to go to the mission home and start getting ready to take some people to the airport for them to go home. That night I sent two former companions home… as if that wasn’t a weird thought. Elder Dixon and elder Chagoyan. It was pretty crazy to think that when I was with them they had like 5 or 6 months left….time truly flies. And now I am in their position. 

We practically didn’t sleep from that point on. We got home, picked up like 10 suitcases of some latin elders and sisters who were leaving later that night. And then we filled the cars with gas, set up the mission home for the new missionaries that would be getting there. By that time it was about 130 and it was time to go to bed…  bright and early at 530 we were up to go pick up missionaries. Kinda got lost up in Santiago but we made it to the mtc finally and picked up all the new missionaries…we rode with 6 of the new sister missionaries ha! It was weird to think they are about to start the journey I started such a long time ago. We had a good meeting with them explaining what the mission is about but I had to translate for practically everyone and I had to do the whole thing in English. I haven’t thought in English like that in a really long time. I could barely get through it haha… im not excited to get home and have to talk English all the time…it will be hard. Afterwards we had to take some of the new missionaries to their houses and me and elder mcgee did divisions to take elder dougher to his new sector…I could tell he was pretty sad to leave the office. But excited to work for the last six weeks as well. Our companions went to the house to get some long needed rest and I thought that’s what we were going to be able to do as well but there was some other things that I had to do to get ready for the next couple days so I didn’t get to sleep much those two days.

 But Wednesday we were in the office practically the whole day and at a meeting with president about the meeting we had the next day. So it was a lot of studying and practicing and planning.

 And then Thursday we got up and president picked us up to go to Curico to have a meeting with all the zone leaders down there about how we can be better leaders. I learned something that really struck me. Leaders need to be able to help the ones they are leading become the person that replaces them. I feel like that is a cool principle in life. parents need to teach kids how to be parents some day. Coaches need to teach players how to be coaches of their own some day. It was a good meeting and it is cool to see how inspired president warne is. 

 Friday we woke up, went for a run through the foggy streets of rancagua and then got some good study time in before heading to the office for the day. The first week of the change is always crazy so we don’t get out much…we spent the rest of the day doing the little office stuff that we use for the rest of the change. Phone number lists and pictures and all that stuff to make presidents life way easier. We left at about 9 to go see our family we are teaching but only the daughter was there so we couldn’t go in. and that was the end of the week.

 Saturday we had the other meeting with the zone leaders from the north and it was amazing. It is so cool to meet up with all the leaders and see how much effort really goes into the work. Well that’s it for this week! 

Love you guys
Elder harding   all is well.

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