Saturday, April 5, 2014

trunky papers...WHAT?

trunky papers...WHAT?

okay for a mom a mission can be a long thing... and when tate told me that he has a date that he is coming home i wanted to cry...for two reasons.  i am crying out of happiness that a date has been set for when he is coming home and i get to hug that 6'3 little boy...and tears for him because i know he loves his mission and how hard it will be for him to leave. i have come to count on his letters to bring me up when life's trials have brought me down...i have learned from him through his testimony and thus my testimony has grown...i have made it through things that i never thought i would have to EVER deal with and his loving words have helped me along the way.  this little boy of mine has held my hand all the way from chile and told me that it will all be okay.  i love this missionary of mine and am going to go circle AUGUST 14Th on my calendar right now....

tate's message...

also today the secretaries sent me my “trunky papers”… those papers are when I fill out all the info about when I go home and what airport and all that stuff….. Never thought that day would come. Just means time to make every second worth it out here and work hard until the end.

Monday we were in the office all day doing a slide show and preparing everything for the monthly meeting with all the zone leaders and the sister leaders. It took so long we didn’t even leave the office until like midnight. But we got to the house and even had to plan more so didn’t even get to bed until like 2. But sometimes a little sacrifice is good. Teaches me a lesson about what really serving with everything you have is all about.

 It was pretty crazy but it all paid off the next day when we had an awesome meeting. One thing that stuck out to me was about the preparation in all things… everything we do in life requires preparation. Also someone shared about our own personal testimonies of the book of Mormon.  And they asked a pretty good question. When was the last time we had asked if the book of Mormon is true? Sometimes we forget that we need to keep strengthening our own testimonies and need to receiving spiritual confirmations of the truths that we believe. I know I can be a lot better about that and I invite you to as well.  It was a really good meeting and the lunch was amazing. It was sad to know that was the last time that I will some of my friends there because they go home this change… We actually got out to the sector last night and had some really good contacts and talked to a lot of really good people…im excited to see where that goes even though we don’t get into the sector a whole lot. It is still worth it every time we can get out there.

 We were walking around and at about 9:30 president gave us a call and told us to go back to the office and make some phone calls. There had been an earthquake in Chile of 8.0 or something and that there was a rumor of tsunamis hitting the beaches. We have two sectors in the mission who are on the beach. Pichilemu and Constitucion. So we had to call those missionaries and tell them that everything was fine they just needed to get away from the beach and go to their houses. It was pretty gnarly though because afterwards we got a call saying the elders from pichilemu were on a hill waiting with their bishop haha….he went to go pick them up. But nothing ended up happening. 

 Wednesday we woke up and got some good study time in…and then we headed up to buin to do some divisions. I went out with elder doyle and we had a really good day. He is a way cool convert of only three years but has a really solid testimony. I learned a lot from him. We had some really good lessons. Once again I learned a lesson about how we need to always be sharing our own testimonies to reassure ourselves of the truths we already know. But it is absolutely necessary… 

Thursday we were practically in the office the whole day after going to a district meeting…we were getting all the stuff ready for the zone conferences.

 Friday was the zone conferences and it was so amazing… all we did was talk about Christ. It was amazing! i know that Christ lives and that he is our savior. Without a doubt.

 I am really stoked for conference! Listen to all the talks but even more important….APPLY THEM! That is always the harder part but the part that brings the blessings! Love you guys!! Chao!

Elder Harding

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