Saturday, April 12, 2014

where is YOUR heart?

where is YOUR heart?   this past weekend i had the opportunity to go on a little road trip with my daughter to see the grand daughters.  we visited about life and about struggles and trials and heart aches and life's lessons and what it all means in our journey here on earth.  i expressed to her that although i try my hardest to be the best i can be in all i do and say that i often wonder and worry about what people say about me.  i feel like i am a good person and that i try to be a good example but i sometimes fall short and make mistakes.  sometimes i say things that i later regret or wish i had said in a different way.  sometimes my feelings get hurt and i say something in anger.  although i try my best i am not perfect.  my sweet daughter then said something to me that was just what i needed to hear.  she said..."mom i have learned that you cannot worry about what other people say about you.  only you and heavenly father know what is in your heart.  if they truly know and love you they will know the truth."  oh how i needed to hear these words.  i am thankful for a daughter that teaches me.  i am truly blessed!

tate's message...where is YOUR heart?

 And elder wall told us a story of how one day he was In a devotional with a general authority and he told all of them that he knew what kingdom they were going to. And he asked them if they would like to know. Obviously all of them said yes. And he told them "you will be in the kingdom where you want to be, and where your heart is. So where is your heart?"  It was such a cool story and to think about how true it really is. So everyone...where are your hearts?

So Monday started off really good. We had our normal meeting with the office in the morning and then we just ate lunch and headed over to presidents house to have a meeting and set some stuff up for this week and all the conferences.

 Tuesday Thursday Friday and Saturday we had zone conferences. All about Christ. So amazing to be able to focus in him and how we can be more like him. That is honestly what we did this week. Conferences conferences conferences. The other things we did were divisions.

 Wednesday we got the opportunity to go to buin and we ate lunch with a matrimony (the walls) who work up there as couple missionaries. 

 We got to do divisions in an old sector and I got to see a few old friends so that was always really cool. . Walking around all day in the street. But at the end of that day it payed off. We taught a really good lesson about the Book of Mormon.

 Also we did divisions the next day. I went with my best friend elder Loar and it was another hard day but it was good for me to get with him and be able to relax just a little bit. 

These last few weeks have been crazy so I'm glad he helped me chill out a little bit and just have some bro time.

 Friday was the same thing. Another zone conference.

 Sorry this email is so short and lame. But one thing I want to invite you to do is read alma 5. President has been talking about how useful this chapter is in our lives. It's a lot of questions we need to ask ourselves as we think about what is really important and if we are doing all possible to be better daily.

 Love you guys. Chao!!! 

elder harding

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