Saturday, April 19, 2014

WHAT is on your list?

WHAT is on your list?  its that time of year when spring cleaning is on my mind.  the sun starts to shine after a long winter and i want to dig in to every closet, drawer, corner and space to de-junk it. i am a list maker.   i start by making a list of everything i want to accomplish and then i dive into the project.  each time i accomplish something on my list i draw a line through it.  this may be weird but it gives me great satisfaction to see the list get shorter and shorter.  tate's letter home this week has me thinking about another kind of list that i will be making.  a spiritual list.  the things that i need to work on.  i am not sure if i will ever be able to cross things off of this new list as it will be things i must continue to work on.  this list will be a personal list between myself and my heavenly father.  this list will not hang on my fridge but will always be on my mind.  this list will keep me busy long after my spring cleaning  is finished.  i better get busy!

tate's message...

WHAT is on your list?One thing that hit me hard was a quote that a kid used in his talk about diligence. He said that joseph smith once said, “there is no room in this church for the slothful.” We should always be diligently striving to be better. (or something close) and it made me think how we really do have to be taking advantage of the time we have and be getting better every single day. Pick something that you struggle with and work on it diligently until you fix it! And then once you have mastered it. Pick the next think you struggle with! That’s my challenge this week.

monday was busy and crazy.  we had many medical issues to help with some missionaries.  all is well now but it was quite the day.

tuesday we had another zone conference and it went well. i have a cold now so that sucks but it went well and yes we ate the same thing its getting really really old now. afterwards we got stuff ready for the rest of the conferences and then had a meeting with president about changes... i cant believe we already started talking about them again. i feel like we just did them. time is going by too fast.

 Wednesday we headed down to santa cruz to do do the zone conference down there. It went really well and afterwards we did some divisions. I went with elder Hernandez from Guatemala. He is a really cool kid. We had an amazing day and taught a ton of lessons. At one point we found ourselves in a part called “la granja”. It was a fifteen minute bus ride from town and it was straight Chilean countryside. It was so cool to just walk down the dirt roads and talk with the country people. They are always so nice and willing to listen and just about give you everything they have. We taught a really cool lesson about the Ten Commandments to some investigators that are getting ready to get baptized. They are amazing people. When we left it was pretty late and we walked outside and it was the prettiest thing ever. The moon was huge and then the stars were way visible because we were not by any city lights. I think Chilean countryside at night is one of my favorite things now. That’s how we ended the night. I was still feeling pretty crappy but my comp was pretty tired from driving there so I drove  wasn’t too bad though. We got home at about 1230 and then went straight to bed. 

630 in the morning came pretty fast and we were on the road to talca. A two hour drive. My comp drove down so I just knocked out and took a good old nap. But we ended up having two conferences that day. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. So mentally draining . the afternoon session was my favorite conference so far.That night we stayed in a hotel  it was so weird but also a cool experience. I slept really well and it was the best shower I have yet to have here in chile…so lucky me! They actually had a water heater at the hotel so it was like I was showering back at home.

 We woke up, ate breakfast, and were off to do the last two conferences in Curico. They went really well. It was a really cool experience to see the whole mission and meet all the missionaries but it also felt good to finish. We cleaned up, said our goodbyes, and headed out to home sweet home. Good ole Rancagua to our penthouse suite. 

  Here are the links of some easter videos i would like to share with you!

i'm so grateful to know that Christ not only died for us. But that HE LIVES. And that is what is so important. He died so we could be forgiven and he resurrected so we can live again. I love Christ. And I know that without a doubt we need to be more like him if we are going to be able to face the challenges that lie ahead.
 So start with my challenge. Pick one thing. And work on it till you master it. I love you all. WE ARE GOING TO ANOTHER BEACH on monday! “BRO”AD TRIP. LATERS. 

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