Monday, March 31, 2014

the story within us...

the story within us...

i have never been much of a journal writer in the past but keeping this blog for tate has given me a chance to keep a record of tate's life as a missionary.  as i look back on it and read old posts i can see and feel what has happened to him and our family over time.  this is tate's story...his life as a missionary...his thoughts and feelings...his teachings.  i tell him often that his letters home have taught me...his mom.  so many times he writes just what i need to hear. what a treasure this will be for his future family to have...the story within him...

tate's message...

. He talked about a book called “the story within us”. He told us about how important it is to write down the story of our lives for the generations to come. He went on to say that all of us have stories and things that happen in our lives that can help someone else in the future. Made me really think what I am doing to leave MY STORY behind in this world so that I can help some future generation. It’s so easy with the technology we have today also. Digital journals, blogs, Facebook. So that’s my invitation this week…is to think about what you're doing to leave YOUR STORY behind for someone else to learn from

 Sunday was church in the morning and then it is the one day of the week where we eat with members so that is always fun. Then we had a meeting with president and talked about the changes that will happen this Tuesday. He also told us he wants to start meeting a little earlier in the days to be able to work in our sector. I am excited for that. We just headed back to the office and worked on some busy work. Updated the mission we page and then just headed home.

 Monday we had our normal Monday office meeting and it was everyone else's Pday so it is pretty crazy with so many missionaries stopping by. But we ate sushi for lunch so that made the day ten times better. And finally we got out to our sector in the night time. We actually talked with some great people and were able to set up a couple lessons for Tuesday.

 Then Tuesday was an office day in the morning. Sushi for lunch again. But then we went to our lesson and found a family!!!! They were awesome and said they are going to come to church!!! We are stoked. God gave us a miracle on that one. The one night we work we find a family ha. It was awesome.

 Wednesday we started in the office and then went to district meeting. It was good to see elder Loar and elder chagoyan. Some good mission friends. As well as a new couple missionary got here. They are way cool and it will be fun to serve along with them. Then we headed to San Vicente to do some divisions. It was such a pretty ride over there ha…i wish i could just video the whole drive. But we had a really good division. One thing I learned about was listening and how we can listen to learn. I read a talk called that this week. “listen to learn”. And it was interesting to learn that really we learn more sometimes when we just listen instead of being the ones talking. Also general conference is coming up and I was thinking about how easy it is just for us to learn so much in one weekend JUST BY LISTENING.

 Thursday we had a morning meeting with president and we talked some more about changes and then we ate in the house and from there it was a two hour drive down to Talca to do divisions…but come to find out that my comp for the day was sick…so I sat around the house all day while he slept…I took a nap…studied…and actually had a good little while to think about some stuff. Wasn’t too bad…sometimes we just need some time to sit back and think about life. Late one the way home we picked up my new comp! Elder Ralda from Guatemala. He came in a few days early to learn a little but he has already been in the office before as comisario so he already knows the system and all. He is a funny little kid and it should be a good time. We didn’t get home til late.

 Friday we slept in a little more and then we headed to presidents house for lunch… FAJITAS. So good. 

 I love you guys and am grateful for you all!! Also dad…..i heard duke lost….im sure you are pretty happy haha… oh and if dad and Tyson haven’t already told you…

my return date changed… now it is the 13th of august. To give me a little more time to get on my feet after getting back instead of just two days.! Love ya!

Elder harding

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