Monday, May 27, 2013

have peace and believe...

hAvE pEaCe AnD BeLiEvE...this weekend greg and i took a last minute trip to yellowstone park.  our family as well as extended family have a long tradition of visiting the park.  we have many memories of family trips spent looking for wildlife and enjoying the scenery.  many of the family went to the cemetery in bern to visit travis's grave, but we chose to go north to a place that travis loved and hopefully see some bear in his honor.  there is a peace that our family feels when we are in yellowstone.  the same peace that we feel when we remember travis.  tate has mentioned many times that he feels his presence with him on his mission...helping him and guiding him.  we recently have had an experience as a family that is a tender mercy.  we know that travis is near and can feel the peace that that brings us. 

                                                              tate teaching a lesson

 tate shares the following...

first of all mom...i bawled like a baby when i read that story about travis....that is incredible and i know i have felt his presence here with me as well....i think about him a lot.

                                                                           elder harding teaching

my ingrown toenail came back so looks like tomorrow i will have surgery!! haha woo!! road trip to santiago!! haha kinda sucks but gotta do it because it hurts like crazy!!

                                                                             tate at a district meeting

 so some funny things that happened this week is we started teaching a little old lady who is like 90 who doesn't understand a single thing but still wants to listen and learn more!! also she is a crazy cat lady and has a thousand cats and comp sat in one of the chairs where one of the puppies and cats had peed in hahahahhahah he had a big old puddle of pee on his pants....i couldn't stop laughing when we left!! 

                                                                                   tate the missionary

one thing that i learned this week from hermana grant in our district meeting is WE NEED TO BELIEVE CHRIST....NOT JUST BELIEVE IN HIM. i hope we can all think of what that actually means in our lives and apply it...sometimes we think it is enough just to believe in him...but do we actually believe him....believe his words....believe his teachings....believe that his atonement is eternal and works in our lives daily....that hit me like a bus and i couldn't stop thinking about it! i hope you can all learn something from that!

                             teaching the gospel

 i am doing really well tho and i cant believe how fast the time goes. me and the elders i live with are getting along amazing and always have a good time!  i'm pretty sure i will be staying here this change and that my comp will leave in a week. so that will be  interesting. i hope all is good... hope everyone is well! love you guys! 

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