Monday, June 3, 2013

tAtE's BiG tOe...

tAtE's BiG tOe...  tate's mom  is very thankful for a couple missionary serving in chile.  tate's mom is grateful for the love and caring and compassion that they have shown to tate during his mission.  tate's mom has never met this couple but has a love and appreciation for their service as missionaries but also for their love for tate.  words cannot express her love for this couple.  she knows that heavenly father puts people in our lives for a reason and she knows without a doubt he put this sweet couple in tate's life when he needed them most.

 tate writes...  i  have surgery tomorrow on my big toe and so what we are going to do is elder and sister grant  are going to take me to lunch and to santiago to have surgery.  this week will be a boring one for me because i will be in the house for a long time.

so family this week started off with the most insane rain i have ever seen in my life...i was literally like wading through the snake river over here in chile hahaha  I loved it! it was so fun! my comp didn't have boots so he kinda had a rough time but i enjoyed it!

  this week i met an even crazier cat lady who has 56 cats.......gross....and while we were there one of her puppies died and she cried and held a dead puppy in my face and asked me why it had to die...  wierdest day of my mission that is for sure....

  i am spoiled by the grants!!  they love me! also attached will be a letter that elder grant sent is amazing! 

the following is an excerpt from the letter that elder grant wrote.  the grant's son served with tate's uncle troy on his mission.  when travis died they became aware of who tate was and have since then taken very good care of tate in chile.  the letter is entitled why do bad things happen to good people?  the letter was written following the death of travis...

God has guaranteed us with Eternal Life if we do our part. He knows us, he knows our names, our hearts and our minds. He provided us with a Savior, with living instructions or commandments to show us what we need to do to come back to him, he gave us two great gifts to help us in our journey, the gifts of the priesthood and the Holy Ghost. He gave us hope and faith, the light of Christ, the ability to repent of our sins and the gift of the Holy Ghost. Most importantly, he gave us our free agency so that we can grow and learn and progress in this life so that we will be forever strong.

What he did not give us was a guarantee that we will live another minute in our earthly lives. If we understand that, then we will understand that each minute is precious and should be used wisely. We will understand that life is so precious that we will always serve the Lord, our families, our friends, our neighbors, and those that may not be our friends. We will be humble and kind and be able servants to others.

I want you  to know that I have a testimony of my Father in Heaven and of his Son and my Savior and Brother Jesus Christ. I know that they live through the feelings of the Holy Ghost. I know that the gospel has been restored and that we have a living Prophet who guides and directs the church in these last days. I know that with the Priesthood, we can help our families and others and most importantly, I know that because of the plan of salvation and because of our special gift of free agency, we can grow and progress in this life and be able to return to live with our Father in Heaven as a family.

I say this in the name of Jesus Christ.


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