Monday, June 10, 2013

cHeNz gAnG...

cHeNz gAnG...when i started working at the elementary school that i currently work at i wanted to save every child that i came in contact with.  i wanted to take them all home with me.  soon i learned that i realistically could not do that.  i then decided that i would along with teaching them to be better readers that i would make sure that they knew i cared about them and wanted them to succeed.  i decided that quite possibly my words of encouragement during the day may be the only positive words that they would hear for that day.  i wanted them to at least know that mrs. harding cared for them and believed in them.


coach vinny was one of those positive people in tate's life.  when tate left on a mission i wrote coach vinny a letter.  here is part of that letter:

You have prepared tate for a misison by coaching him in baseball in a manner that has made him an outstanding young man.  he has learned to be a leader, to be mentally strong in tough situations, to do things that he didn't think were possible, to perform under pressure, to believe in himself and to pick himself up and perform the next day after defeat.  all of these traits will make him a great missionary.  
as a parent one only hopes for those heroes that come into a child's life to make them a better person.  thank you for being a hero in tate's life.
good luck to you in the future and as a family we will always be "coach vinny fans"!

i want to say happy birthday to coach vinny....i hope you know how much of an impact you had on my life the two summers that i played for you. i would not be the man i am today or have the work ethic or have the determination to do hard things if it weren't for you and the lessons you taught us as a team. you are one of the best men i have ever known and also one of my best friends! CHENZ GANG OR DIE! shout out to willie cleary, andy villapando, coach swallow and kash heeb as well. love you guys.

SOOOOOOOOOO this week was really interesting.  on monday i did divisions  with the zone leaders and then tuesday morning the grant couple came and picked me up and we pretty much took a day trip to santiago....and as you can see from the photos....yes i did get pushed around in a wheelchair like a VIP boss! i was king of that hospital...joking! it was actually funny....i probably could have walked to the car but they don't let you! and the grants wouldn't let me either! 

we then picked up my new comp and from there it was just chilling in the house for 3 straight days of hell hahahh i wanted to leave that house so bad after like the first 2 kills me to just sit in there....i feel like i'm in a reason is because i'm not used to just sitting there and two because it literally is a box...hahaha..but for reals.... 

my comp is awesome and i cant believe i am already training! nuts... he is a funny kid and likes sports and stuff so we get a long great! we will do amazing work here together in this sector so i am excited!
 one thing that was a thought i had this week was something i think we always need to have on our minds at all times! am i closer to Christ today then i was yesterday, or am i a better person today then i was yesterday......we can the little things to always be able to look back and say i am better this week then last week.

love tate

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