Monday, June 24, 2013

i LovE tO sEe tHe TemPle...

i LovE tO sEe tHe TemPle... I love to see the temple...I’m going there someday...To feel the Holy Spirit,To listen and to pray...For the temple is a house of God,
A place of love and beauty...I’ll prepare myself while I am young;This is my sacred duty.
 I love to see the temple...I’ll go inside someday...I’ll covenant with my Father;
I’ll promise to obey...For the temple is a holy place...Where we are sealed together...
As a child of God, I’ve learned this truth: A family is forever.

i have been thinking a lot of temples lately and the blessing we have in our live to be sealed as a family! GO TO THE FREAKING TEMPLE!!!!!!! that is all i am going to say to you guys...i see so many people down here who have been sealed in the temple but NEVER go...i don't care if you don't think you have time....MAKE TIME. i miss that place so much and want you guys to go constantly so you never forget! make it a goal to go once or twice a month at the least! we didn't go to the temple just to go once or twice a year...go more..

so family sounds like you guys are doing really really well and keeping am i! this week was a really busy one! i had another baptismal interview which are always fun. also we had an activity in the church that was really fun where we had like food and dances from 5 different countries so that got a lot of people too! we also found some really good investigators this week who look like they will progress really well! i am really excited to start having some good success in this ward. its an amazing ward!  also today we had a really fun activity with practically the whole mission. we went to a soccer field in buin and ate bbq and played sports and just chilled out! it was good to see elder page, lowrey, hna herrera, and others that i have missed a lot! i definitely have made some friends in this time here...for life! me and my companion are doing really well tho and he is very funny!

love you guys and miss you guys!! but i am doing good!

elder harding! 

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