Monday, July 1, 2013

nIcK -n- tArYn siTtiNg iN a TrEe

nIcK -n- tArYn siTtiNg iN a all began when tate came home from baseball practice one day and told taryn that his baseball coach had asked for her number.  her response?....the cute one??? and the rest is history... tate takes full credit for setting up his sister and nick who coached him in football and baseball and became someone he looks up to and is a great role model and friend.  this is tate's message to the love birds on their anniversary...

congratulations to my best friend and my favorite sister in the world! i cant believe it has been one whole year! congratulations! i am so grateful for you two in my life and the examples you are to me in everything you do! i am excited for you guys to keep having fun and being happy! thanks for all you do for me and everything you continue to do for me and supporting me! you really are my best friends! oh and harley as well! oh and when is the baby due???? (disclaimer...not yet)

 we had an amazing week! found a ton of new people to teach and also taught a lot. so we didn't have to be out in the rain all that much! it dumped for two days straight as you will see in some of the pictures that i will send. but yesterday and today have been pretty nice! the new president got here friday and this week we have interviews with him thursday so it will be fun to get to know him! his first day here he did divisions with some elders so it looks like he came ready to work!

 but i am doing really well...this week was really boring  not much went down...we did have one really good lesson with our new investigators....she told us about a week ago she had been praying that the missionaries would come back to teach her.....about a week ago i had the thought that someone should start working in this part of town because there is a lot of people over there and there has to be someone ready to hear the gospel.

 we got things figured out and started working over there and it just happened that her prayer got answered.  her husband is a member and all her kids are...but her ex husband hasn't wanted to sign the divorce papers so she wasn't able to get baptized for 10 years.....but now it looks like he will sign it... GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS.... no matter what it is he is there for us. he was preparing her and us to both meet so that she could start progressing in the gospel again. i am so grateful for this family that we found  i love you guys so much and hope you know that...

i cant believe i almost have a year out here...the time has flown by...just means i gotta make this last half even more worth even harder...cuz i know it will come faster than i think! well i love you guys
love you!

elder harding! 

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