Monday, July 22, 2013

iT's tHe LitTlE tHiNgs...

(no photos today because tate couldn't get the computer to work so...i put in a few of those who love tate the most...)

iT's tHe LitTlE tHiNgS...the hello...the smile...the hug...the note in the mail...the surprise left on a porch...a text out of no where...a phone call at just the right time.  today i went to lunch with a friend...a visit to catch up...good conversation with  good food and a good friend..

                            greg tammy hazyl hattie

 it's the little things in life that matter and can make the difference.  we all have opportunities to make someone's day a little better by our actions or example. the other day i came across this quote:

in this life we are all just walking up the mountain and we can sing as we climb or we can complain about our sore feet whichever we choose we still gotta do the hike...i decided a long time ago singing made a lot more sense.

                        tyson dani hazyl joy hattie j

i hope that not only can i sing as i go but that i can get those around me to sing along...

                                                                 nick and taryn

tate's message...

   soooooooooooooooooooooo one thing that has been on my mind lately is the influence that people have on our lives. everything we do either shows our love for god and christ and our families and friends.or it doesn't.   when we do things that are good then we are showing that love and that influence is good in our lives. when we do something that we know isn't good or against gods will we aren't showing that love and our influence for others is bad. WE ARE BEING WATCHED....are you showing your love for everyone important to you through your actions? its interesting to sit back and think about it for a while and i think by just changing a few things we do every week we can become more christ like! 

                                hazyl joy harding

so this week might have been one of the funnest weeks of my mission. just the whole new sector, the house we live in, and the people i am with. the branch i am in is really willing to help us out and give us references so that makes things a ton easier. we will already have a baptism this next weekend so that will be really cool! this girl came to church this last sunday and just told us she wanted to get baptized.! god definitely showed us a miracle on that one. i guess things pay off when you work hard and are obedient. this last sunday we got a suprise visit from my first two and only two baptisms from my first sector in Rengo. rosa and fransisca.   i can tell you that there is no other joy better than sitting in church with my two converts knowing that they are active and happy. the peace i felt sitting there in church cannot be described. it was an awesome experience. 

                                 hattie j harding   

but being a zone leader is way fun. just makes me appreciate my leadership that i have had throughout my life. all the coaches,  church leaders, and people who have helped me! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING! i wouldn't be the same man without your influence! 

i love you guys! 


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