Monday, July 8, 2013


pErSpEcTiVe...this past weekend i was waiting for greg in the car as he went into a convenient store to get his mountain dew...when one of my former students walked out.  i honked at him and motioned for  him to come over and talk to me.  i have not seen this student in some time and was anxious to see how he was doing.  he came over and was so excited to see me.  we visited for a while and then before he left he said to me..."and guess what mrs. harding? i am off of probation and i am making good choices like you always told me to."  i told him how proud of him i was and then he leaned down and gave me a hug before he headed on his way.  i watched him walk down the street.  my heart hurt for him and the situations and  life experiences he has already had and will continue to have but...i chose to have hope and faith and love for this young man who has the potential to do great things.  

        choose to see the sun through the clouds a choice that we can choose to look at different situations  and deal with them either positively or negatively.  we  don't get to choose our  trials  that life has for us but we can choose the perspective we have...


tate's message on pErSpEcTiVe...  we started off with four straight days of walking around because every lesson fell through on our planner. it SUCKED....we pushed forward and it payed off. we now have 7 people with baptismal dates and they are hard work in trying to revive this sector has finally payed off and we are seeing miracles. sometimes i think we just get so worried in the moment of the trial and we don't think to look back and see the eternal perspective. that is a huge lesson i have learned this week! 


                                                      still has his skinny

so one thing that happened that was crazy this week.....a car ran into a members house.... i spent two hours straight cracking walnuts....and i saw tons of dogs doing things  in the street hahahaha that is about the total excitement of my week. i am having crazy experiences with my investigators every day tho. every day they tell me how they have been praying for something different in their lives or they are just missing something and we show up at there door...i cant wait to share all these crazy experiences with you guys when i get home...
                                                tate and other missionaries

my year mark is coming up soon and it is incredible to me how fast time goes..i don't want to waste another second...its time to work even harder. also i want you all to go watch on the church website and watch the video called the work of salvation. AMAZING. it might give you another outlook on missionary work. wel li love you guys!

       Tate and the new mission president and his wife

 SO DAD FIRST OFF ALL TELL EVERYONE HI. well all of the people who ask about me. i miss all of them! also mom i loved that article about UVU...we talk about sports a lot in my house and i cant wait to play when i get back...i miss that a ton as well.
elder harding!

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