Monday, June 17, 2013

mY dAd Is BetTeR tHaN yOuRs...

mY dAd Is BetTeR tHaN yOuRs...

but this week as it is fathers day i wanted to write a little something to my dad!!!  good old greg as i used to call him....or travis john kunz used to call him....i wanted to write a message to the man who has influenced my life more than anyone else. happy fathers day dad! i want to thank you for being the best dad i could ask for! thank you for being a dad who always saw who i could become and pushed me to be better in everything i did. thank you for being a best friend, always willing to go to a movie, get a jamba or ice cream, or to go to a high school sporting event. thank you for always being an honest man in everything you do and giving everything  you have got in every situation. thank you for loving mom and showing us how to love her and respect her as well. 

thank you for being the perfect coach. full of perfect constructive critism and perfect love. in the perfect balance. thank you for always being worthy to give us priesthood blessings and being worthy to fulfill callings and church duties. thank you for showing us that there is a time to work and a time to play. dad you were the best example i could have asked for and still are to this day. you are my hero, best friend, and biggest fan. thank you for all the games you came to or coached, including driving all around the western states to watch and support me in my baseball games. one of the best memories i have to this day. even when it meant longer days at work and a constant catching up on work too. thank you for always going to church every sunday and always willing to lend a helping hand for those in need. thank you for all those times you were in your office late at night reading the book of mormon or another gospel book, showing me your true love for christ and your devotion to him. thank you for all the money you spent and gave to us because you knew it wasn't about the money...but about the memories we would make with our friends that would be worth it. thank you for being YOU dad.

i am the proudest son in the world to be the son of gregory alan harding. you will always be my best friend. i love you and miss you...more than you know...i wouldn't be the same man today without an influence from a dad like you...

SOOOOO this week was really good in the beginning! we had a lot of success and found a ton of people to teach but then friday and saturday and sunday came and everything fell... we had about 8 or nine lessons just fall through and so it was hard to find people to teach this weekend...we were kinda low on excitement but that,s okay just gotta keep working as well! we also had our final goodbye for president macarthur!

 it was really sad to see him for the last time and to know that he won,t be our president anymore! it was also good to see three of my companions from the past and to talk with them as well as one of the hermanas from peru who is like one of my best friends. it was a good week for all that kind of stuff!

have a good week! 

Elder Harding! 

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