Monday, May 13, 2013

mOtHeRs DaY...

mOtHeR's DaY...tate has always been a kid with a smile on his face.  when he was little he was such a good natured little guy.  he was always happy and seemed so content.  he always sees the positive in things and can find a bright spot on a rainy day. he was and is  a happy go lucky kid. my daughter in law was describing him this weekend and she used the words...kind...genuine...caring and loving.  tyson and taryn always tease me that because he is the baby that he is the favorite...which is not true!  if the truth be told i think he is both his older brother, tyson and his older sister, taryn's favorite little brother.  

we gathered around the t.v. screen waiting  to see his face and hear his voice...and that smile.  we laughed and listened and talked and just looked at him.  i didn't want it to end.  i loved the fact that tyson and dani and hazyl and hattie were there.  i loved the fact that nick and taryn were there.  i loved the fact that his dad and i were there...all together as a family...just as it should be. 

i want to think that his smile was mostly because he got to see his mom on mother's day might have been the cute girl who came over to say hello...i am really not sure :)

since the death of my brother i have gained a new perspective on brothers and sisters and family.  i am so grateful that that my little family loves each other and that we support one another.  we seem to fit together like a puzzle and for that i am so thankful.  

one of the questions that we asked tate was what he misses the most...his answer...all of you.  i love that happy go lucky missionary with all of my heart and don't mind sharing him with the people of chile for a while more. he sent a short email today that simply said...thanks for being my mom.  that is is something that will never get old to hear.

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