Wednesday, May 22, 2013

hard things...

Bonus Blog

                              hArD ThIngs...
                             When Tate was at the MTC
he noticed that within the saying
“We can do hard things” that the letters
to his last name stood out. This is a
picture of him, a blonde boy from
Pocatello Idaho walking down a dirt
road. This blonde boy is serving
the people of Chile.  He is far away
from home and his family. As you look
at this picture I hope you can relate it to your
journey thru life.  We all have our own road to
navigate and with that comes happiness, excitement
and discovery.  With every life also comes sadness,
disappointment and hurt.  With every step it is important
to remember that WE CAN DO HARD THINGS. Our
family has had some tragedy and challenges with the
death of my brother.  As a family we have rallied
together and decided to try a little harder to be a little
better.  I hope that as you look at this picture
whether your frame it, put on your fridge or put it in your
drawer that you will be reminded that you too can do hard things.
Love Tammy

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