Monday, May 6, 2013

fAmILy TiMe...

fAmILy does not need to be planned or invitations sent out. all it takes is one of us to be involved in something and the rest of the family is willing and excited to support them.  most of our treasured memories with the kids do not involve a big planned out vacation but rather sitting around laughing and teasing one another or hanging out at a game supporting one another.  no one really seems to get our jokes or our inside funny stories better than one another...we just love.  as the kids get older and grow up it makes this mom appreciate and treasure those family times that much more...

soo one thing that i wanted to talk to you guys about is spending more time together...and i mean the WHOLE whatever it takes to spend as much time together as you can. start some traditions or something...just do little get togethers every week or something...that is one of the things that i miss most. just being with everyone. even if it is just to eat on sunday or something. i miss you guys a lot and wish i could be there so spend more time with you guys but don't worry...the time will go by way fast haha i promise!!

we are still trying to find a lot of investigators and find some families but the work is going really well!... so something that happened was there  was an earthquake... not a huge one but just big enough to rock our house a little bit!  i was a little scared...but all is well...supposedly it wasn't that big...haha....also it has started to rain quite a bit around here. so that is fun . i really enjoy the rain down here so i'm excited for winter! also we had an amazing mexican fiesta activity in the church with our ward so that was really fun and a good opportunity to unite the ward. 

 i am doing really well tho. me and my comp are getting along really amazing and he is one of my best friends...we have a good time working together. we are teaching one family that is golden and loves to learn more so hopefully we can find them today because their mom got in a wreck and is in the hospital...hopefully they will be okay. i am way excited to talk to you guys this next sunday and hope you are too!!! haha pumped! 

love you guys!!! miss you and we will talk sunday!!! cant wait!!
love you

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