Monday, May 20, 2013

iT's RaInIng iT's PouRinG...

iT's RaInIng iT's PouRinG...this past weekend we headed to boise to support the highland rams at state baseball.  there was a little rain...a little wind...a little sunshine and a lot of baseball. 

                                     tate doing what he loves

 now one might ask why we would travel to boise to watch when tate no longer plays for the rams?...well seriously what else would we do during state baseball weekend?  the other excuse we can use is that our son in law nick is the assistant coach for the rams.
                                              tate and coach sorrell (nick)

  i have to admit it has been different watching the games when tate has not been playing and someone else is wearing the number 2 jersey on his back.  there are many guys on the team that tate played with and were his we cheer for them and for ram baseball.

  tate and travis in a rainstorm changing a tire in yellowstone park

this week it started raining....FREAKING HARD!! hah i love it. i just walk around without an umbrella and people think i am crazy but idk why i love the rain so much here....its amazing...good thing i have botos!

                                 a sign on tate's wall

so this week was a really hard one actually! we had like every single lesson fall in the first part of our week so we were pretty frustrated...but we then had interviews with last one with this president... and it really helped me out a lot. he really trusts  me and isn't worried about me at all so that is good. i love that man and will be sad when he leaves but also excited to see the new pres and what he is like.

one thing i know i keep stressing on you guys like every week is SPENDING MORE TIME TOGETHER...i know i say it a lot but it is one thing that i cannot even start to explain how much i i'm serious just spend time together. do your family home evenings, pick a night during the week to do date night, eat together once a whatever you can to be together more in your lives....i promise you that everything will seem so much better and you will really notice how blessed we are in our lives....

 some funny stuff that happened this week was my comp likes to eat baby food...................................i threw up in my mouth..........also he just likes to eat sweetened condensed milk  like yogurt hahahha THIS KID IS SOOOOO FETCHING WEIRD....but i love him and we have fun together....

we played basketball today and i tore it up....then again i am playing a bunch of latins...haha jk but it was good to play again and cant wait to play a little when i get back!

               tate will play here when he gets back

love you guys!! the time is going by faster and faster every day for me haha ....miss you! 

elder harding! 

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