Saturday, July 5, 2014

work a little harder...kaden's example

work a little harder...kaden's example

this past weekend i went down to my brother and sister in laws to help with their family while they took a little trip.  i couldn't pass up the offer for some baseball mixed with some shopping.  two of my favorite things!  i went to park city to watch by nephew play baseball in the firecracker tournament.  as i sat there watching the game in the mountains of utah i would not have chosen to be in a different place.

  the sun was shining there was a breeze and of course two great baseball games.  after the game kaden rode home with me.  it was a beautiful ride home through provo canyon and the conversation was just as good.  we talked about and just life.  i was so impressed with this kid. he told me how he gets up everyday and goes and lifts before school and now during the summer at 6:30 followed by summer football and then a workout with the baseball team.  he then heads home for a couple of hours before heading off to play both j.v. and varsity baseball as a freshman (sophomore in the fall).  he has a 4.0 grade point average and just earned his eagle in scouts.  this kid is a coaches dream.  he works hard and then works a little harder just because.  i told him that his work ethic will not only help him in sports but also as a missionary and in his future.  in tate's letter home today it talks about those who only do the minimum will only get the minimum in life but those who work harder than is asked will get the maximum result. tate would be proud to have this kid on his team. this kid is going places...just wait and see

tate's message...

Leadership council went really well and actually president said something that really touched  me. He said “those who do the minimum in life, will never get the maximum reward.” We can apply that to our lives in so many things and especially in the gospel. If we are only doing the minimum, we will never get to the celestial kingdom. All Christ ever asked us to do was trust him, give up everything else, and follow him. Not 50% or whenever it is convenient or easy. But always. Always follow him and try to be more like him daily. Sometimes we make it so difficult. But all he asks us to do it just follow his example and be better every day. I know that as we give it everything we have and even a little more, we receive blessings. Whether they come immediately, in a year, or in heaven. They come. I challenge all of you to give a little more of your time, pray a little more, read a little more, serve a little more, DO A LITTLE MORE SO YOU CAN GAIN A LOT MORE.

Monday started off pretty decent. We had a really good meeting with president. And then we literally spent all day and all night getting everything ready for the next day. it was leadership council the next day so we had tons to do. We got home at like 1 o clock. Went to bed.

  then we were right back up and headed to the mission home.  After leadership council we spent the rest of the day doing special changes and moving people around. A day full of driving. We got home at like 8 o clock and then it was just straight home and off to bed.

 In the morning we headed to San Fernando to do a training with the district leaders. The last one of the round and it went really well. Its so awesome to see a lot of different missionaries and learn about how we can all be better at what we have to do. Afterwards we headed to curico with president and just hung out while he did some interviews. We took advantage of the time in the car to talk about other plans and things happening. Its funny because my now the president  is one of my best friends out here. I love that guy and am grateful for him. We got home once again at like 8 o clock and then finished up some stuff and went home. We built a fort like we used to in our basement and just hung out in there. It was just like the good old times in the harding household on 1840 ardella. Haha funny stuff.

 We took off Thursday morning to do divisions in talca but it didn’t last long. We drove two hours there to sit there for an hour of district meeting and then had to leave for an emergency health problem in santa cruz. So that’s what we ended up doing all day Thursday. Everything turned out fine though.

 Friday we spent all day driving and doing more special changes. I remember a quote from general conference that was about every time we sustain our leaders in church, we take upon ourselves the responsibility to lighten their burden. I think that is one thing I have learned about lately. We should never have to wait til someone asks us to do every little thing. We should always be looking and asking for things to do to help them out. I will always remember that. 

Well Saturday we celebrated the fourth of july a little later but we had a HUGE bbq at presidents house and then just hung out with all the couple missionaries and president and his wife. It was a good time and a nice way to celebrate MERCA DAY!! well love you guys! light some fireworks and eat some MERICAN food for me! Another week gone. Cant believe it. love you guys!

Elder harding

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