Saturday, July 12, 2014

tell me a story...

tell me a story...this week my dad (roger kunz) has been working very hard to put together a book of memories of my brother travis.  he has gathered many entries from family and friends who knew and love my brother travis.  he has spent many hours finding pictures and putting this memory book together.  he will then get it printed and bound to share with all of us. i am sure this book will be full of all of our memories...remember the time he chased an umbrella on the beaches of bear lake...remember the time he sold a old hose at a garage sale...remember the time he would call and ask what was up?...remember the many memories. i am thankful for a father who sees the importance of keeping travis' memory alive and in a book form for many other generations to enjoy and learn about him.

tate's message...

 I invite you to all sit back and think about the family history that you have. Think of all the hardings, or kunzs, or whoever they may be that came before you and made it possible for you to be here. Think about all the good memories with your parents and grandparents. Talk to them about the memories they have of their parents. No matter  worldly things or hobbies that we all DON’T have in common, we will always have in common one thing. Our family names. BE TRUE TO WHO YOU ARE, AND THE FAMILY NAME YOU BEAR.

I am proud to be a harding/kunz. I would never choose to be anything different. I cant wait to figure out little stories and things that my ancestors have done in their lives. And the most important is that we do temple work for them. As we listen to their stories, we will be able to feel them telling us to help them from the other side. I have no doubt that the member family members we have are missionaries on the other side. Teaching the gospel to our other family members who aren’t members. And they are waiting for us to do the temple work for them. We are their only hope. I know family history work takes time and patience and in the world today those are two things hard to come by. But I promise peace and love sent from our father above as we do so.

Monday my comp and elder mcgees comps went to Santiago and we stayed here to have the normal meeting with president and the office staff. We actually did most of the meeting in English because the two latins ended up not being there at the end.  Haven’t had a meeting in English in a long time. When my comp got back we had a meeting with president to finalize the details for this weeks zone conferences and then it was back to the office until about 1:30 to finish everything. Things sometimes are crazy but I absolutely love it. 

Tuesday morning came really fast and we were off to buin to do the first zone conference! It went really well and I learned a lot. One of the things we have been talking about a lot is family history work.

Wednesday was a day in the mission home. We did another zone conference and then it was to the office to get things ready for a few days out of town.

 Thursday we woke up and picked up the Ditlevsens and the jetts (couple missionaries) to go to the zone conference in santa cruz. it was awesome to see elder hart and elder archibald. we will all go to the temple together on the 22nd. i'm pretty stoked. after that conference we took a really pretty drive through the hills to talca. it was cool to travel with the couple missionaries. they are all so different in their experiences and personalities. i have learned that in life we just gotta love people for who they are. i love them. they help us out a lot. we all went to dinner once we were in talca and then we just went to the hotel. the shower there was incredible. i think that night i took like a 45 minute shower just because it had been a while since i took a real american shower. makes me so grateful for all the little things we have back home. we went to bed at like 9. i also don't remember the last time when i got that much sleep so overall it was a good night.

  friday we woke up and did one zone conference in the morning. and then one in the afternoon.. it was a long week and we have one more week like that ahead of us.! i'm loving it though. i cant believe how fast time goes when you're working hard. well... love you guys! chao!!! 

Elder harding

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