Saturday, July 19, 2014

macaroni and cheese

macaroni and cheese... i was driving down the road today and was thinking about my life.  i can't believe my youngest is an almost returned missionary.  where has the time gone?  wasn't it just yesterday i was taking kids to swim lessons...making macaroni and cheese for lunch...promising ice cream after naps...wiping tears and noses and bums?   it doesn't seem real that my children are now adults and are all grown up and having babies of their own.  my favorite thing in the world is being mom and now gramma.  i never wanted to be or do anything else. i miss those simpler times of bed time stories and messy hugs and kisses. this baby boy of mine is coming home in three short weeks then heading off to college.  i wonder if he will mind if we have macaroni and cheese for lunch?

tate's message:

Monday we started with the normal meeting in the office and then we had to go run a couple errands in town. After that we ran a missionary who was going home over to president’s house and set up the mission home so everything was ready for Tuesday. Went back to the office and got things ready and then it was home to get some rest before a long day Tuesday.

We were back at the mission home right in the morning to start the zone conference and it went well again. It’s pretty funny to listen to the same talk over and over again but you always can get something new out of it. One thing I caught this time was about the temple. How long has it been since you have gone to the temple? Sometimes we think our live is so hard sometimes. Sometimes it seems like it’s so hard to find some peace and quiet or to find time to just relax and know that everything is okay. I ran across a quote the other day from Gordon b Hinckley that just made things seem so simple. He said “I know your lives are busy. I know that you have much to do. But I make you a promise that if you will go to the house of the lord, you will be blessed; life will be better for you.” I’m coming up on my trip to the temple this next Tuesday and I have never been so excited. I know that there are blessings in that place that you cannot find anywhere else… and all we have to do is go. It’s sad that sometimes we think that staying home and relaxing is easier than going to the temple. Or that a weekend is our time off so we need to take advantage and clean the house or do other things. Sometimes we need to realize the things that matter most and realize that as we go to the temple, we take a little part of it home with us every time. And that’s exactly what we need at home to get us through. 

Wednesday was a good day as well. We took off to buin in the morning to teach a group of missionaries and then just came straight back and got everything ready for the second to last zone conference. 

thursday we headed to curico to do the last zone conference for the week. the computer died halfway through our power point part so we didn't even really get to finish but we did what we could and tried to make it til the end without just talking to much and boring them.

friday was a crazy day at the office. we brought back all the new missionaries that had arrived to the mission the last two changes so there was like 80 missionaries. it was one of my favorite meetings though because they had so much energy and were so stoked to see all their mtc companions. we had a really good conference and it was good to see so a lot of missionaries. it got stressful afterwards because as everyone was trying to take buses back to their cities they couldn't find a way back. there was a huge wreck on the highway and there was like no buses running so we had to figure out other ways to get them back to their sectors. we finally figured out that the train could take them back.

saturday morning we took some missionaries to the airport….that always sucks. ha. but its a part of the job… well love you guys. i'm going to the temple this next week so i'm really excited!!! chaoito!

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